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Simmers share their creative use of Platforms in The Sims 4

Platforms in The Sims 4 have been released only yesterday and Simmers have already been hard at work at creating some of the most unique builds and areas using the new tool!

We asked Simmers what are some of their proudest builds and rooms that they’ve built using the new Platforms tool over on Twitter:

Here’s what they’ve shared and created so far:

“Basement windows that actually make sense!” – @littledica

“my diving platforms yes yes.” – @nandoandstitch

“Functioning bunkbeds no cc” – @PugownedS

“Working on a theater that will be used as an art center. Excited to use platforms for a stage and tiered seating!” – @BubblybyColbieC

“This raised dining room. It works ! And I’ve put the house on the gallery.” – @AlieCalvano

“the classic stage” – @swiftgodart

“I add a bathtub in the “hotel” room to make it seem like a spa” – @aliiitos1

“home theater anyone? just a proof of concept not overly well decorated but you get the idea” – @SimsStarfull

“Functional bunk beds! I made a quick tutorial video on youtube for those interested :)” – @Chanel_Kanata

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