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The Sims 4 Cottage Living: Oversized Crops Guide

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Animals aren’t the only addition to The Sims 4 Cottage Living. Raising crops has gotten some additions as well; namely, raising oversized crops! Oversized crops can be used in canning and cooking but are most useful for entering into the Finchwick Fair!

Read on to learn all about how to cultivate the biggest crops around!

Planting Oversized Crops

The Sims 4 Cottage Living: Oversized Crops Guide

Oversized crops must be planted in the new gardening plots that come with Cottage Living. You can click on the plot to purchase oversized crop seeds and oversized crop fertilizer but Agnes and Agatha also sell an assortment of oversized crop seeds and fertilizers at their garden stall in Finchwick if you prefer a storytelling approach.

All oversized crops grow in all seasons, which is an odd choice but we guess this is to allow players to participate in the Oversized Crop Competition at the Finchwick Fair no matter what season it is. Here are all the different oversized crops you can grow:

Oversized CropPurchase PriceSeason

Note that selling prices are not listed because the selling price varies depending on weight, size, and quality so it’s impossible to pin down an exact selling price for any of the crops.

Caring for Oversized Crops

The Sims 4 Cottage Living: Oversized Crops Guide

Once your oversized crop has been planted, you’ll have to give it a lot of attention. Planting an oversized crop isn’t a guarantee that you’ll actually get a giant crop. There are three different “levels” of oversized crops.

  • Small: The small varieties of these crops were not taken care of well enough but on the bright side, you’ll get nine of these crops from one garden plot so you have a lot of produce to use for canning and cooking. Don’t bother entering these puny things into the Finchwick Fair’s Oversized Crop Competition, though.
  • Medium: If you’ve taken decent care of your oversized crop, you’ll end up with two medium-sized crops in one garden plot. These aren’t great contenders for the Finchwick Fair, either, but can be sold for more simoleons than the small crops and are useful for cooking a variety of recipes.
  • Large: If you’ve taken impeccable care of your oversized crop, you’ll end up with one giant crop in your garden plot. These crops aren’t great for canning or cooking but sell for a lot of simoleons and have the potential to win you ribbons and other prizes at the Finchwick Fair.

So how do you ensure you get a large oversized crop instead of medium or small?

  • Fertilize: Oversized crops should be fertilized daily in order to grow larger. Oversized crop fertilizer is pricey but if your Sims own other animals like llamas, cows, and chickens, cleaning out the sheds and coops will often yield a free Vitality or Super Vitality Fertilizer. If you’re looking to save money and maximize profits selling oversized crops, having animals to provide you with free fertilizer makes a big difference.
  • Water: Water your crops whenever you have the option to do so. Pretty self-explanatory and nothing different from raising other crops.
  • Weed: Whenever you see weeds popping up around your oversized crops, pull them out. Again, nothing new. Befriending wild bunnies can help you with this. The cute little critters will eat all the weeds in your garden for you.
  • Spray for Bugs: Oversized crops will need to be sprayed whenever you see little brown gnats flying around above it. Befriending wild birds can help you with this. Birds will eat any bugs in your garden.
  • Encourage Crop Growth: In the earlier stages of an oversized crop’s growth cycle, you’ll have the ability to encourage crop growth on your oversized crops. Do this as often as possible because it makes a big difference in the quality and size of your crops. Befriending wild birds can help you with this. Birds will sing to your oversized crops to encourage them to grow larger.

The Sims 4 Cottage Living: Oversized Crops Guide

Once your oversized crop is ready to be harvested, it won’t grow any larger. Leaving it on the vine won’t make any difference to its size at that point so you might as well just harvest whatever you got. Unlike other harvested items, oversized crops do spoil after a period of time. Keeping them in the fridge drastically extends their freshness but if you want to enter a freshly picked oversized crop into the Finchwick Fair, you may want to leave it on the vine until the day of the fair to avoid it spoiling beforehand.

While an oversized crop is still growing, you won’t be able to see its weight or quality by hovering over it but you will be able to tell if it’s healthy or not. Keep your plant healthy while it’s growing and the chances of picking a heavy, perfect quality crop are good.

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