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Creator Spotlight: romantbrandt84


We love to shine a spotlight on talented members of the community and today, we’re featuring a Simmer who not only has the talent for a spotlight but the humour, too!

romantbrandt84 has been a member of our Sims Community Facebook group for over a year now and has been making everyone laugh since the day he joined. He is a much loved staple of the group and his sarcastic, witty humour brightens everyone’s days. I look forward to seeing what he’s shared with the group every single day.

Creator Spotlight: romantbrandt84

He’s even branded himself as “Crazy Roman” in the Gallery! Roman specializes in both Sims and builds, putting a focus on male Sims which are underrepresented in the community. His series of charming fellas is hilariously titled “Crazy Roman’s Totally Legit Boyfriend Mill” and his builds are part of a similar series called “Crazy Roman’s Structurally Sound Structures.” Although the Sims and builds themselves are great, the descriptions are worth a read because they are all hysterically funny!

He also has a YouTube channel where he makes videos that are just as sarcastic and comical as his Gallery descriptions! It’s honestly such a refreshing breath of fresh air in the community.

So go follow romantbrandt84 in the Gallery and subscribe to his YouTube channel for some great Sims and builds and a lot of laughs!

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