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The Sims 4 Spa Day Refresh: Preview of new Traits and Aspirations


The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack is getting a Free Content Update (also known as a Refresh) on September 7th!

Among the new features and objects are also new Aspirations, CAS Trait and Reward Traits included in this Pack Refresh.

The Sims Team has showcased the new Aspirations and Traits in their latest developer livestream and for a first ever Pack Refresh they’ve done a good job!

New CAS Trait

There’s a new Trait you can pick from CAS, and that’s:

  • High Maintenance – These Sims require extra work to keep in good condition. Their problems sometimes appear trivial, and may even appear out of the blue. These struggles can be remedied through mindful habits, which puts them in a state of catharsis.

The Sims 4 Spa Day Refresh: Preview of new Traits and Aspirations

New Aspirations

With The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack you’ll now have a new Wellness Aspiration Category that comes with a unique Reward Trait and 3 different Aspirations to choose from, including:

  • Self-Care Specialist – This Sim wants to make it big with monetizing Wellness activities like offering Manicures or Tending the Massage Table at a Spa.
  • Zen Guru – This Sim wants to share their mastery of Wellness with the world, and train a successor to pass on their knowledge.
  • Inner Peace – This Sim is on a quest to achieve Inner Peace. Although true harmony is sometimes ephemeral, what’s important is developing tools to help mitigate negative emotions.


There’s also a new Reward Trait for this Aspiraiton:

  • Spa Membership – These Sims somehow came into posession of a Spa Membership. Nobody is really sure where it came from, how to cancel it, or who keeps paying for it each month. But one thing is for certain – all fees at Spas are waived! Nice!

New Reward Traits

There are 3 Reward Traits that your Sims get after completing one of the three new Aspirations, including:

  • Self-Care Expertise (from the Self-Care Specialist Aspiration) – Your Sim will be the Self-Care Expert and develop an expertise for all things Wellness.  Clients will now cough up way more money for their services!
  • Clear Perspective (from the Inner Peace Aspiration) – Your Sim has a clear head on their shoulders! Your Sim will be able to have a brief respite from the harshness of reality and contextualize things. Like how it’s all sort of meaningless… but in a good way.
  • Calming Aura (from the Zen Guru Aspiration) – When your Sim masters Wellness it will allow them to emanate a soothing glow! Use this newfound ability to calm Sims around them, and… well, to look awesome!

These new Aspirations and Traits are coming to players for free on September 7th for everyone who already owns the Spa Day Game Pack, and will be available to those who plan to purchase the Game Pack.

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