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The Sims 4: Spring-Six Kitchen CC Pack Overview

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Let’s build a Mid-Century Kitchen!

When ever it comes to building, once I’ve got a rough layout, I usually find myself starting to build the Kitchen area first before any other room. Recently, I’ve been exploring a variety of themes and getting myself to build something different. Recently I’ve been exploring more of a Mid-Century Modern themes.

After a few attempts of putting something simple and straightforward together, there was clearly something missing from the little room builds I had been working on.

The Sims 4: Spring-Six Kitchen CC Pack Overview

What I felt was missing was more kitchen clutter and more kitchen appliances. While we do have a number of different appliances in The Sims 4, simple every day objects like kettles, toasters and food processors are something that aren’t really found in the game normally. However, the wonderfully talented SixamCC had me covered!

SixamCC has collaborated with the lovely Spring Sims to create the brilliant Spring-Six Kitchen Custom Content Pack!

The Sims 4: Spring-Six Kitchen CC Pack Overview

About the Custom Content Pack

  • Base game compatible
  • Functional appliances: Stove, Fridge, Built-in Microwave, Kettle
  • Decoration: Blender, Toaster, Clutter (various)
  • Plumbing: Double Sink!
  • Build: Walls and floors
  • Comfort: Stool for Island
  • Lighting: Ceiling lights (all lengths)
  • Surface: Counters and Islands are separated by base colour (black, white and light brown) and Island Counters came in two versions (drawers position changes)

Information courtesey of SixamCC

After SixamCC reached out to me to let me know about their latest collaboration with Spring Sims, I could not wait to jump in and explore this new Custom Content pack. With over thirty new items to build with and numerous colourful swatches to chose from. I was ready to give my Kitchen builds a complete makeover!

Item Overview

Even from exploring each of the individual objects, I knew that this is a pack that will come in useful to me when I’m building with Custom Content. With a mixture of colourful and more neutral swatches to decide from, these objects from the Spring Six Custom Content Pack will really help me create so many different mid-century modern inspired Kitchens.

The Sims 4: Spring-Six Kitchen CC Pack Overview

After some experimenting with different colours, layouts and more, I finally settled on a kitchen build that I liked.  Building with the pack was wonderful! Having the extra kitchen appliances to help bring my kitchen to life was brilliant, and there is so much you can do with the pack.

The pack is available to download now via Patreon as an Early Access pack and will be publicly available on 4th March 2022!

Click Here To Download

Don’t forget, you can follow both SixamCC and Spring Sims via the links below!

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