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Let’s Build an Ice Cream Parlour in The Sims 4


We’re just Never Really Over with the Katy Perry Sweet Treats CC Pack for The Sims 4!

To celebrate The Sims 4 Sweet Treats CC pack by LittleDica going public over the weekend, we thought we’d take the opportunity to decorate another one of the shell builds this pack comes with!

Let’s Build an Ice Cream Parlour in The Sims 4

When I saw the Banana Split Sunday House, I just knew this place had to be turned into an ice cream parlour. How could it be anything else with a roof that literally looks like a delicious banana split sundae? I envisioned a place where families could come and sit down for a yummy ice cream cone or classic kid-approved snacks and food, like pretzels, popcorn, hot dogs, and burgers. This place just had to be turned into a restaurant with ice cream as the main menu item.

As always, I didn’t need to touch the outside at all. The original shell builder, LuddySimmer, did such an incredible job of decking out the outside with so much detail. I would have just ruined it if I had tried to add or change anything. I focused all my attention on the inside.

Let’s Build an Ice Cream Parlour in The Sims 4

Walking in, the host station is the first thing that greets you. On one side of the ice cream parlour is the adult section with a bar and raised bar table seating. Grown ups looking for a grown up drink will need to get them from the bar, as there’s no alcoholic beverages on the official menu.

Let’s Build an Ice Cream Parlour in The Sims 4

On the other side of the ice cream parlour are tables for families to sit and order off the menu. If you’re looking for something more filling than just ice cream, Sundae Fun Day has a small selection of appetizers and main courses available but the largest section of the menu is the dessert section, which carries every type of ice cream you could possibly think of, including some “special” flavours that have some surprising visual effects on your Sims! Try them all and see what happens! Oh, and if the service is slow, feel free to help yourselves to the complementary candy jars on each table.

Let’s Build an Ice Cream Parlour in The Sims 4

The kitchen has a built-in chef station so diners can see the chefs hard at work preparing all that ice cream and other goodies. Looking for the bathroom? A sign above the kitchen doors points you in the right direction to the unisex bathroom in mint green. Four private toilet stalls ensure there’s no long bathroom lineups.

Upstairs, the staff have a place to themselves. They have their own private staff bathroom so they don’t collide with diners outside the customer bathroom and a break room. Tired employees can watch some TV on their lunch break and make use of the company-provided fridge and microwave. A staff room also allows players who own Get To Work to turn this restaurant into a retail lot if they prefer that. All you’d need to do is remove the restaurant equipment, add some display freezers for all the ice cream, and pop in a cash register.

I had so much fun building this fun and bubbly ice cream parlour and I hope you had fun touring it! It’s available on the Gallery! Click the download buttons below to grab the ice cream parlour and the Sweet Treats CC pack, which is free to the public now!

Sundae Fun Day Sweet Treats CC Pack

This ice cream parlour build requires Dine Out and the Sweet Treats CC pack, but other packs like Cool Kitchen, Backyard Stuff, and Get Together are strongly recommended to have the full range of menu options available.

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