The Sims 4

First Look at Round Walls in The Sims 4


Curved walls are finally a thing and everyone is getting them for free!

In today’s High School Years deep dive livestream, SimGuruGeorge and SimGuruJessica showed off a new Build feature coming with the next base game update before the new High School Years expansion launches; curved walls!

Curved walls can now be placed as rooms, similar to placing down platforms and foundations. The size can be adjusted to your liking after placement.

But it gets even better! Most windows and doors (with the exception of a few extremely wide ones) can be placed on curved walls! The Gurus stressed that while some door and window frames might stick out awkwardly on curved walls, they still wanted to give us the freedom to do that if we wanted to. Some select windows will even curve to match the angle of the wall when placed alongside a curved wall!

There will be a new filter in the windows and doors sections of Build/Buy that will allow you to easily find curved wall compatible windows and doors.

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