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The Broken Cardigan Sweater: A Sims 4 Mod Fix


“And when I felt like I was an old Sims 4 Bug
Under someone’s bed
you put me on and said I was your favorite”

– Taylee Swims

Your sim might have been minding their own business when a severely deformed sim just started walking by. Or maybe you’ve seen a picture of this in a Discord Server or on Reddit. In case you haven’t, we have included a photo below.

Photo Courtesy of Scarlet

Which Sweater?

The cardigan sweater that causes it is the base game sweater named: yfTop_CardiganBelted.

Photo Courtesy of Scarlet

And it’s always this sweater. But now, Scarlet fixed the cardigan sweater so we will no longer have townies that have torsos removed from their hips and neck.

She stated: “All of the LODs except for one caused this deformity. Therefore, I fixed the mesh for all of the affected LODs.”

Make sure to hit ME TOO on the AHQ Thread if you’ve experienced this.

You can download the Cardigan Sweater Fix here for free on her Patreon.

Note: Scarlet has not returned to modding, she just fixed this one cardigan sweater.

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