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Add Some Magic to The Sims 4 With These Disney Dreamlight Valley Hairstyles

dreamlightvalley hairstyles

These Maxis Match hair conversions are truly magical!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is probably one of the most popular games out there right now (if a million new players in the first week of early access is any indication). The game is basically Animal Crossing but in a magical dreamland populated by Disney characters. It’s charming, it’s nostalgic, it gives you all the warm fuzzies, and it’s fairly similar in art style to The Sims 4. Naturally, custom conversions were inevitable and a CC creator by the name of jo_se_oh has brought the magic of Disney Dreamlight Valley to The Sims 4 with their amazing hair CC!

jo_se_oh has taken some of the most popular hairstyles from Disney Dreamlight Valley and converted them to The Sims 4! The hair is all completely Maxis Match and looks pretty darn spectacular if we do say so ourselves.

Here are the official previews of the collection from jo_se_oh’s Patreon!

Dreamlight Valley Hairstyles converted for The Sims 4

And here’s what each Sims 4 hair CC looks like in our game! As you can see, they look just as good in-game as they do in the previews! We love that we can pick the colour of the Alice Hair accessories separately. That’s my personal favourite hair from Disney Dreamlight Valley!

We’re completely enchanted with every single one of these Sims 4 hair CC styles. Apart from The Sims, Disney Dreamlight Valley is my current favourite game. It’s very exciting to be able to have the best of both worlds in The Sims 4! You can bet I will be using that Alice hairstyle all the time, no matter the occasion! Because it’s The Sims and I can!

Download the Disney Dreamlight Valley Sims 4 Hair CC Set

Currently, this Sims 4 hair CC collection has a total of 12 different hairstyles. jo_se_oh uploads them individually on their Patreon so you can browse through their catalogue and pick out your favourites.

jo_se_oh provides all of their CC hair for free on Patreon but if you have a request for a specific hair, they do take commissions. You can download all of the Disney Dreamlight Valley hairs from Patreon. While you’re there, it’s worth checking out jo_se_oh’s other work, too! They make hair conversions from many different games, including other Sims titles and the Story of Seasons series!

The hairstyles in this Patreon are listed one by one. Each Dreamlight Valley Hair Conversion is available for download right away!

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