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Behind The Sims: Community Reactions (Episode 1)

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The community reacts to The Sims’ new format of announcements!

Behind The Sims is the brand new and exciting community live stream from The Sims Team. A new way to keep the community up to date with what is happening in the franchise. As this was the first of many new style streams, players were eager to find out more!

We kicked off with SimGuruGrant delivering news on the development of Project Rene. While development is going well overall he informed us that the team is planning to share regular updates with us. Based on what was shared during the stream, Project Rene is definitely starting to take shape!

Next up we heard from the teams behind The Sims Mobile and Freeplay! With new events, content, NPC’s, music, and more on the way! There is definitely a lot planned over the next few months for both games!

The Sims 4 Reveals

Now for the segment that most players were eagerly awaiting. The Sims 4!

With the new Infants life stage to be added soon, players were keen to know more. We first saw a short teaser back in October 2022 during the Behind The Sims Summit event. With a reveal trailer that didn’t disappoint, the excitement around the new life stage was certainly growing!

The Sims 4: Better Babies Update coming Early 2023

Additionally, the community was wanting to find out more about the next expansion. We had a rough idea of the world as two concept pieces had previously been shown as well as a possible theme.

San Sequoia, the rumored new world name, has also been teased again during the recent roadmap content, too. As The Sims Team has been telling us, it’s all relative!

Needless to say, players needed to wait until 2nd February 2023 to find out more!


With this being the first new style live stream, many players were intrigued to find out more. Overall, the new stream format and what was showcased were positively received throughout the community.

This is not the first time we’ve seen The Sims Team change how they deliver news and information to the community. From the Maxis Monthly, Sims 411, quarterly trailers, and more over the years, the Behind The Sims format will hopefully remain a regular resource of updates from the Team going forward!

Behind The Sims: Community Reactions

Let’s take a look at what the community has been saying!

What did you think of the new stream setup? Was there one particular moment that caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below.

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