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The Sims 4 Grunge Revival Kit: Defying Conformity (Review)

the sims 4 grunge revival kit review

Check out everything in the Grunge Revival Kit and read our review!

Sims 4 Grunge Revival Kit

The Sims 4 Grunge Revival Kit is one of two latest additions to The Sims 4’s DLC collection. Simmers with an alternative style will love the Grunge Revival Kit and bookish Simmers are sure to be pleased by the latest Book Nook Kit. This article will focus on the Grunge Revival Kit. We’ll be showing off every item that comes with this kit in a few different swatches and give you our official review of this kit!

The Grunge Revival Kit comes with a total of 23 CAS items for teen-elder Sims which includes new accessories and a new hat. The vast majority of the items in this kit are unisex and will show up under both masculine and feminine fashion preference tags when looking through the catalogue. All the items have a 1990’s grunge theme with torn clothes, graphic tees, and edgy jewellery pieces. The Sims 4 Grunge Revival Kit does not contain any new items for infant-child life stages.

Sims 4 Grunge Revival Kit Overview

All the items below are pictured in 3 swatches just to give you an idea of some of the colour selections; however, most of the items have between 8-12 swatches available.

Unisex Tops (7)

Unisex Bottoms (3)

Unisex Shoes (2)

Unisex Accessories (5)

Feminine Tops (2)

Feminine Full Body Outfits (1)

Feminine Bottoms (1)

Feminine Accessories (2)

Our Review of The Sims 4 Grunge Revival Kit

We have to say, The Sims Team has really been on their A-game when it comes to kits, recently. It’s about time, too, because like we always say, if we’re paying $5 USD (or more in some countries) for a small handful of items, those items should really work overtime to enhance the game in some way. We feel like The Sims 4 Grunge Revival Kit delivers on that.

The kit contains a few pieces that are really unique and don’t look anything like content we’ve gotten previously. The chipped nail polish is a great touch to a kit that’s all about looking unkempt and grungy. Until now, every nail set we’ve gotten has been perfectly manicured. The hair scrunchie bracelet is another unique piece that’s definitely reminiscent of the 1990’s grunge movement.

Also, we can’t get enough of the super cool key earing with a chain dangling from it. That’s a really one-of-a-kind accessory that hasn’t been seen in the game, yet. The layered necklace pairs great with the earring as well. We do kind of wish there was an option to have the earring on the opposite ear, though. We think that would have done a lot to accommodate different hairstyles with the earring.

While the overall look of this kit is similar to the Werewolves game pack, all the pieces still feel like a unique addition to the game, which is nice. There’s quite a few items in this kit that set it apart from the Werewolves pack but players who enjoy mixing and matching different packs together will love mixing and matching items from both Grunge Revival and Werewolves. They pair really nicely together and complement each other well.

Now, if you’re not a fan of the grungy, torn-up aesthetic and hardly ever use these kinds of items on your Sims, we don’t think this kit will offer anything to you and your gameplay. It’s very much a kit that serves a niche style and interest. However, if the grunge look is your jam, we’d definitely say this kit is a must-have for your DLC collection.

Stay tuned for our Book Nook Kit overview coming soon! In the meantime, why not check out all the item previews for both kits?

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