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Life by You Update: Surprising Delays Push Back Release

life by you march 2024 release date

Players expecting to play Life by You (Early Access) this month will have to wait until March 2024.

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Town Tour of Life By You

The latest Life by You news is a mixture of disappointment and anticipation. The newest life simulation game to hit the market, developed by Paradox Tectonic with Rod Humble, was expected to release as an early access title on September 12th, 2023 but development delays have caused the early access launch to be pushed back until next year. That hasn’t stopped the dev team from continuing to update players about how the game is coming along, however! We’ve got a full recap of all the most recent Life by You news for you!

Life by You News Recap: Disappointments and Surprises

While the early access delay may be disappointing Life by You news to many players who were looking forward to trying out the game in September, there is lots to look forward to as well. The dev team has been sharing plenty of videos and Q&A posts about what players can expect when the early access does launch.

When Can I Play Life by You?

So when can players expect to play Life by You? The new early access launch date is March 5th, 2024! So approximately 6 months from now. Hopefully the extra time will be more than sufficient for the developers to get Life by You all ready for players to explore in March. While we were disappointed to learn we would have to wait another 6 months to play this game we’ve been anticipating for such a long time, we’re also relieved that the dev team is operating on a “it gets released when it’s done” schedule rather than rushing to release subpar content on a deadline.

Life by You Game Updates

The delayed release date has not slowed down Life by You news about gameplay features at all! There has been lots shared about vehicles, the world, gameplay tuning, the lot editor, and more!

Purchasing Cars

Last month, players were introduced to buying and trading cars in a video on Life by You’s YouTube channel. The video shows how players will be able to travel to a car dealership to purchase cars in person, customize their look, and gift or trade them to other humans. Our humans will be able to own multiple cars and choose which vehicle is their preferred one, meaning they will always choose to drive that vehicle by default.

In a follow up Q&A Life by You news post, they add that players will be able to choose which side of the road humans drive on. Gas money will be accounted for in your human’s household maintenance cost so you won’t need to go fill up at a gas station, but you are paying for gas as part of your regular expenses. Bikes and scooters don’t add to the household maintenance bill.

Some features planned to be developed during early access are loans and debt, banking, and having multiple humans ride in the same car together. Naming cars, maintenance and repairs, re-customization, and gifts that affect relationships are also being looked at during early access.

World Tour

The world tour portion of this Life by You news article is of course best when viewed for yourself so here’s the video where we get to see the layout of the world coming with Life by You in March! Some nice features include bus stops, rest stations, a park, a beachfront, supermarket, cafes, and workplaces. There’s also shopping locations, salons, and hotels.

Although it’s just one world, it’s quite large and depending on where you are, the landscape feels quite different. The beachfront area has a lot of flat land and the hilly part of town is more forested. Most of the shopping outlets and businesses have more than one location so you don’t need to travel all the way across the map to grab a bite to eat at the only café in town, for example. There should be one closer to you.

On that note, players can change anything about their town themselves if they don’t like the default. The follow up Q&A Life by You news post revealed we can pick up and move lots wherever you want, demolish and rebuild lots from the ground up, and edit much of the landscape. We can create a whole new town of our own if we want.

Players also have full control over who moves into their town and can change the hotkeys for panning the camera around if they want. New business and building ideas are being considered by the dev team.

Gameplay & Tuning

For players who are interested in learning how to mod Life by You using the in-game script tools, you’ll love this video where Rod Humble walks players through some of the tuning that will be available to edit, using a washing machine as an example. He also discusses the economy tuning in depth and explains how Life by You’s economy is based on the real-world economy, rather than a “toy economy.” There’s so much Life by You news in this video, from background traits influencing starting funds and more.

An additional Q&A revealed that humans won’t need to own a house/lot, making a true rags to riches playthrough possible which is fantastic Life by You news. Players can also stop new humans from moving into town and for modders, they’ll be able to import their own code or use the game’s custom in-game modding tools. We’re very excited for this, as it means making modding accessible to all players even if they’ve never done any programming before.

The Lot Editor

Branching off of our modding discussion in Life by You news, the game also has a video on the in-game lot editor which is a mod tool for the game. While players can edit lots directly in the world, the lot editor can be used to create lot templates that are then saved to your lot library and can be placed down wherever you want, in as many spots as you want around your world. There is a lot of info in this video about what kinds of things you can do in the lot editor, from choosing a business’ operating hours to linking jobs to that business and more.

An additional Q&A also adds that multiple jobs can be linked to a business and that there will be modding tools available for clothes, hair, and other cosmetic things in the game, too. They are still trying to decide on the best min and max lot sizes for the game and home businesses do have some limitations at the moment.


And last but not least in Life by You news, we get a glimpse of how relationships can be adjusted to our liking in Life by You. Humans have a like, romance, and chemistry bar which can all change independently of each other. Humans can have high romance but low chemistry with people for lots of drama or they can dislike each other but have high romance or chemistry. Relationships can also be one sided with one human being in love with another who doesn’t reciprocate those feelings.

We’ve seen plenty about the character editor before but this video gives a recap of some of the physical features that can be adjusted as well.

And that’s a wrap on all the latest Life by You news developments! Make sure to bookmark our Life by You category to stay up to date on the progress of Life by You!

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