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Screamtastic Sims 4 Halloween Costume CC for a Great Party!

Sims 4 Halloween Costume CC

Whether it’s Spooky Day in your game or Halloween in the real world, we bet you’ve probably come looking for some cool Sims 4 Halloween costume CC for the spooky occasion, right? Luckily, Sims Community has compiled the perfect Halloween costume collection for Sims of all ages and genders. Yes, even infants! From classic Halloween getups like witches and skeletons to pop culture icons, there’s something for every kind of Sim (and Simmer) so check out all the fun and scary costume pieces we have in store for you!

Sims 4 Halloween Costume CC

1. Simblreen Costume Set by astya96

sims 4 halloween costume cc

This trio of a witch, bumblebee, and sorceress covers all the bases for a Halloween costume that’s both cute and has some bite to it. We’re always a fan of sets, especially when it comes to Sims 4 Halloween costume CC. The more variety and options, the better! Because who wants to show up at a Spooky Day party in the same costume as someone else, right? So embarrassing!

2. Squid Game Costume by McLayneSims

squid game outfit

Squid Game became a smash hit worldwide on Netflix. The South Korean thriller about deadly children’s games being played by a poor and desperate population in search of a better life took the world by storm. Now the iconic Squid Game uniforms are absolutely everywhere, including in The Sims! If you’re a fan of this hugely successful show, these track suits might just be the perfect Sims 4 Halloween costume CC for your Sims this year!

3. Sexy Skeleton by busra-tr

sexy skeleton costume

Everyone knows that it’s basically impossible to attend any Halloween party without seeing that one guest dressed as a sexy skeleton. Or a sexy nurse. Or a sexy police officer. Or a sexy cat. The list goes on and on. But hey, these costumes remain popular year after year for a good reason! They’re eye-catching and fun! You know what they say; if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Your Sims can flaunt it in this risqué skeleton costume.

4. The Incredibles Family Set by OnyxSims

the Incredibles costumes

Doing themed costumes with the whole family can be a lot of fun on Halloween. Assuming everyone cooperates, anyway. What’s more fun for the whole family than dressing up as iconic Disney Pixar characters like The Incredibles? This full range of Incredibles super suits for toddlers, children, and teens/adults is a great way to get the whole family involved in Spooky Day.

5. Little Pirate Toddler Costume by renorasims

little pirate costume

We know you want even more Sims 4 Halloween costume CC for toddlers. We get it. Toddlers in costumes are just so stinking cute! Turn your cute little tots into adorable pirates for Halloween with this full little pirate set in a variety of swatches. It even includes earrings! We have a feeling any toddler in a Halloween costume this cute will make out like a bandit with Halloween candy.

6. Little Princess Toddler Costume by renorasims

little princess costume

We’re not finished with the Sims 4 Halloween costume CC for toddlers yet. For a Spooky Day look that’s more pretty than scary, this little princess set complete with a beautiful tiara will have every Sim on the block going “Awww!” when your toddler shows up on their doorstep with a candy bucket in hand. Honestly, I’d probably just give them my whole candy bowl. This kid’s won Halloween this year, everyone else go home.

7. Superhero and Supervillain Costumes for Kids by OnyxSims

superhero and supervillain costumes

For school-aged children with a love of superheroes (or supervillains), they’ll love this Sims 4 Halloween costume CC set. From Superman and Supergirl to The Joker and The Riddler, your kids will feel strong enough to take on anything this Spooky Day! Even carry a whole pillowcase of candy home by themselves!

8. Gothic Witch Dress and Hat by Madlen

gothic witch set

I’m such a sucker for the Lolita aesthetic and Simmers who also love this iconic look need to have this Sims 4 Halloween costume CC in their games. This gothic witch outfit is so beautiful and detailed and even comes with a matching hat. This outfit is definitely going on my Sims this Spooky Day, how about you?

9. Infant Onesie Halloween Costumes by Madlen

infant costumes

I was so excited to come across some Sims 4 Halloween costume CC for infants this year! What’s even cuter than a toddler dressed up for Halloween? An infant dressed up for Halloween. Obviously. Even if they can’t have a lot of candy yet, it’s still fun to take the new baby around the neighbourhood dressed as a skunk, bunny, or shark on Halloween, right? Too cute!

10. Halloween Face Paint by GabymeloveSims

halloween face makeup

If you’re looking for some face paint to complete your spooky Halloween costume, look no further than this amazing set of Sims 4 Halloween costume CC! These half-face designs are both creepy and beautiful at the same time and can pull together almost any costume flawlessly. We love pieces that are mix and match, especially for costumes. It makes designing costumes in CAS so much more fun.

11. Halloween 2022 Set by Regina Raven

halloween set

This creepy Victorian style dress set is absolutely stunning and can work for so many different costume ideas. Maleficent, a dead bride, demon, succubus… There’s just so much you can do with these beautiful and versatile pieces. I can’t wait to see how Simmers incorporate this set into their Sims’ Spooky Day looks because the possibilities are endless with this one.

12. Scream Mask for Kids

scream mask

Do you remember Halloween in the mid-90s when you’d look out your front window on Halloween night and there’d be a thousand kids running around in Scream masks? And half of them had that mask that dripped fake blood when you squeezed a little pump connected to it? Did I just age myself back into the prehistoric era? Anyway, if you are also from the ancient times and want to relive Halloween in the 1990s, this Scream mask for kids is the perfect Sims 4 Halloween costume CC to do that.

13. Scary Clown Outfit by SimmieV

scary clown costume

What is it about clowns that are so creepy? Did Pennywise from the IT films convince people that clowns are scary? Was it certain serial killers in history who liked clowns way too much? I don’t really know but all I know is I never see clowns at kids’ birthday parties or carnivals anymore. Where do I see them? At Halloween. I see scary clowns at Halloween a lot and you probably do, too. This clown costume will definitely give some people the creeps.

Loved all this Sims 4 Halloween costume CC? Find more CAS inspiration with our Spooky Day Lookbook!

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