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The Sims 4 City Life: First Leaked Screenshot! (Unconfirmed)

After just 2 days of leaking, what seems to be, a list of The Sims 4 City Life features and a render, Sim Nonymous came back into our inbox with a different piece of City Life material.

The e-mail we received today also has a ”City Life” title with an intro to a Pretty Little Liars (TV Series) theme song. Inside was attached this following screen:


You can see the e-mail we received down below:


In case you missed, a few days ago we received an e-mail from the same person with the following list of supposed features:

  • Apartments
  • Basketball
  • City Cultural Festivals
  • Politics Career

The leaker also included the following render:


Just 2 weeks ago a listing for The Sims 4 City Life surfaced on an official rating board in Brazil.

For now, this ”finding” is classified as an unconfirmed rumor until proven otherwise. Still, look at that beautiful render!

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  • Pascal


  • JoaaoPT

    The screenshot looks pretty legit, Custom Content doesn’t have that EA/Maxis detailed look, I hope they announce anything this month!

  • Ev

    Does look pretty legit. I spy basketball in the background. Wonder if they’ll announce soon

  • this noob

    yass! thank you! Now we gotta sit back and hear the real news from EA 😀

  • Franny

    Yoo he said it was a secret, you’ve betrayed his trust! 🙁

    • Haha sorry, it’s my duty as a sims website news reporter to report our followers on this!

  • Modesta

    Hi everyone!!! <3 <3 I created first time my sims video and I shared this in youtube, please watching and comment if you like it. "The sims 4 – at close quarters "

  • Kris

    Wow EA must be pissed with you guys right now not gonna lie. Yeah we got info, but even if it is, you shouldn’t have shared now. So if they weren’t ready to show anything before, they’ll have to share it now. Yes, we need toddlers and yes, we need new things to do. Get ready for another disappointment.

    • Lulu

      You can’t be that naive, it’s obviously from the team and they WANTED them to post this!!! Why else would they send it to someone at this site lol. They are playing games right now. I don’t know if it’s all planned or if they are doing it secretly but this is a bit silly. It’s obvious their plan to keep silent till they have everything ready is not working. At least give us an official hint or a preview of what to generally expect like in the past!

  • Kuki

    I can’t believe we are getting leaks now with The Sims. lmao. how time changes…

  • Giannis

    Hmm….stop posting pics like this…Sim Nonymous told you it’s secret…if they ever find you betrayed their trust they will stop giving you pics like these….So please go ahead and gather a bunch of images then post em…

    • Giannaras


    • Robert

      In fact after this article was made, Sim Nonymous deleted his account. So I guess no more leaks for now

  • Ich finde das sieht einfach zu echt aus um es als falsches Gerücht einzuschätzen. Ich denke wir haben bald eine neue Ankündigung 🙂

    • Arno B.


  • K

    I am absolutely in love with the outfit the girl has on if this is for real. I am really looking forward to the cultural festivals.. i hope they serve up some mattar paneer haha

  • Please leak more <3 #simnonymouslove

  • Whitney

    There’s a better quality version of this image. Btw 😉

  • A bigger screenshot was found by Brazilian fansite, Sims Center if your interested.