The Sims 4 Family Game Pack: 3 Screens from the Teaser

So yeah, The Sims Team uploaded the video teaser for tomorrow’s Family Game Pack announcement (not official name) but the quality of the video they’ve added is not very good so you may not be able to spot all the details. Luckily, The Sims Russia added the video in Full HD resolution, letting you find all the tiny details in the teaser.

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  • Simfan923

    I spy new counters, new refrigerator, new wallpaper, new cabinets, new chairs, new décor!!!!

    • Frida Flr

      I spy a cute lunchbox!!

    • Courtney Chadwick-Annan

      I see new toddler clothes! I also see something that looks like a bottle warmer on the counter? Hopefully it’s something functional and not just a decoration.

      • Kleine Hexe

        I think that’s the spice rack that’s already in the game…

        • Courtney Chadwick-Annan

          No, no, the blue box to the left. The one that Frida thinks is a lunchbox, which it most likely is, lol.

  • Frida Flr

    Am I the only one who gets a Veranka feeling from the kitchen counters?

    • Madmono

      Lmao yes, I do too!

  • Dusky Woman

    possible cooking skills for toddlers kids? Craft box etc for creative, and perhaps ability or more highlighting of hair? ( i miss being able to add in highlights and grey hair. Currently I think there’s only two hair colors that are salt and pepper)

  • Muriel Eilish Rients

    I can’t wait for the official trailer tomorrow!

    • Charlotte Weir

      is the trailer coming out tomorrow

      • Cristy

        Yep, May 16

  • Ambar lara

    New kitchen, stove, chairs,tile wallpaper ahhh almost just for that I would get it can’t wait for the trailer tomorrow

  • MaxisCreator

    Do I see a new dishwasher next to the fridge hidden behind the counter?

  • Nuclearxpotato

    That wall tiling! That’s nearly exactly what I’ve wanted for so long!

  • Charlotte Weir

    yay more clothes for the toddlers

  • Toddler sims can now messy kitchens that is awesome!!