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Simmer explains Toddler Stuff’s Ball Pit in one simple image

Yesterday we wrote an article about the ball pit from The Sims 4 Toddler Stuff that didn’t meet any of our expectations due to a flat surface of the pit and the low resolution replacement The Sims Team has used to make the object look “realistic” as they could. We were aware that the object was flat for a reason and that’s to save up on the poly count which would save on your performance. We still don’t know why they used a very low-resolution illusion for the ball pit but now at least we know why they did what they did.

Simmer WildlyMiniatureSandwich wanted to see how far could she push the limits with this object by filling the entire surface with balls. By the time she filled it out the object has reached all polygon limits.

In case you don’t know what polygons are, they’re used in computer graphics to generate and compose 3D images. The more polygons an object has the more powerful specs you need in order to render it.

The original ballpit had only 1076 polygons, but by the time she filled the ball pit it had 14901 polygons. She stated that the poly count on her edited ball pit is incredibly high and that, if you plan to use it, make sure you have a computer with powerful specs.

According to her post she’s planning to release her version of the ball pit soon. We’ll make sure to update this post once she does!


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    • or both. im sure the modders will amaze us soon enough. but ya never know the way they are spitting out the smaller packs and stuff packs we might get more stuff for kids to play with. but agree the ball pit looked awful but im still gonna use it because i love adding to my daily routines and gameplay. love the playdates feature and wish the will give us a patch for a daycare career. even if its in a stuff pack or game pack along with new toys. the bears and maybe the play oven, kiddie pools, (which would cause for swimsuits for toddlers to get in the baby pools) bouncy house, sand pits, compact jungle gym for toddler and a bigger one for kids ,small baby dolls or some version of barbies for sims, hopscotch, bring the tag interactions back kids, study groups, slumber parties(which would cause for new pjs and snacks and food for it also be great for the playdates) kids being able to read to toddlers , draw with them on table with paint and markers (getting paint on them as a new feature from painting, kids playing peek a boo with toddlers, hide and go seek the see saw,merry go round at the parks,water center for kids and toddlers (much like at a water fun park in real life parks where water shoots up and kids play with it and differen water objects. the floterthings for kids and babies to float around the pool in and parents being able to play with toddlers in the pool with the little floating raft) that bouncy riding horse toy and some remote racing car tracks or train set and robots and blocks for boys be nice. being able to dress up in costumes and play pretend. bunk beds. bath toys. rocking horses. and those little cars kids ride in around the yard kids can pretend their driving. a wagon that kids and toddlers can be pushed or pulled in. bring the stroller back for babies and toddlers. the baby and toddler swings. bikes and kids leveling up in a skill for learning how to ride a bike. push toys for toddlers like that little popper with the balls or walker to help them learn to waler better. play pen for toddlers and being able to play with toys and other toddlers and the learning to talk feature. i also miss the treehouses. having that for a clubhouse for get together would be great! clothes and interactions id buy it! my list goes on and on

  • But that’s not how you do it as a dev. You never fill the whole pit with balls, you do half spheres as the surface, or use bump mapping for the illusion of shape.

    The item is low quality. If somehow in 2017 you’re not using the same rendering techniques as majority of the industry and your engine just can’t handle the item, you replace it with something else.

    • Let’s start with the fact, that they didn’t even bother making the carpet texture anyhow nice, It’s so blurry, that it doesn’t even look like the 3D balls, it’s more of melted jelly beans in 3 colours.

      • I don’t have this pack yet, but do you know if the ball pit even has a normal map? All the pictures I’ve seen make it look like it doesn’t even have a normal map.

  • Who said they has to fill the whole pit with actual balls? Just made the surface of those balls more lumpy more realistic that would be just fine.

  • I love the ball pit, my toddlers are having so much fun and the parents are joining in the fun too, there playing with there children, spending a lot of time with them which I think is a good thing, thank you for the jungle gym.. I can’t wait for the pets they will make a great addition to the game along with the new world……Good job EA…..