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Simmer explains Toddler Stuff’s Ball Pit in one simple image

Yesterday we wrote an article about the ball pit from The Sims 4 Toddler Stuff that didn’t meet any of our expectations due to a flat surface of the pit and the low resolution replacement The Sims Team has used to make the object look “realistic” as they could. We were aware that the object was flat for a reason and that’s to save up on the poly count which would save on your performance. We still don’t know why they used a very low-resolution illusion for the ball pit but now at least we know why they did what they did.

Simmer WildlyMiniatureSandwich wanted to see how far could she push the limits with this object by filling the entire surface with balls. By the time she filled it out the object has reached all polygon limits.

In case you don’t know what polygons are, they’re used in computer graphics to generate and compose 3D images. The more polygons an object has the more powerful specs you need in order to render it.

The original ballpit had only 1076 polygons, but by the time she filled the ball pit it had 14901 polygons. She stated that the poly count on her edited ball pit is incredibly high and that, if you plan to use it, make sure you have a computer with powerful specs.

According to her post she’s planning to release her version of the ball pit soon. We’ll make sure to update this post once she does!


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