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Polygon: The Sims 4 digs deep into emotions, personalities and casual attire!

the sims 4

No doubt, Kim-Jong Un has a thing or two to teach us all about setting packs of wild dogs on disobedient family members. But today I am inclined towards tickling the ivories, and so Elton gets down to the business of augmenting me as a piano player.

This is The Sims 4, a fantasy world of personalities and desires, a simulation of the endlessly improvable self. Since the series came into this world 14 years ago, it has been tweaked and updated by Maxis and Electronic Arts, moving from a basic game of fulfilling human needs, to something that seeks to make a play-thing of our emotions.

Many games are called “sandbox,” meaning that they supply the toys and the environment, and all the player to do the rest, but few take this doctrine quite so seriously as The Sims 4.


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