The Sims 4

The Sims 4 – SimGuruSarah hints at new announcements!


Update #3: SimGuruAzure tweeted: ”Turning on the gnome signal. Something exciiiiiiiiiiiiting is coming! <3”

Update #2: SimGuruLyndsay tweeted: ”Gnome alert! Stay tuned.”

Update: most Gurus changed their profile picture to this gnome picture. What could this mean  ?:-)

SimGuruShannon also tweeted ”CAN’T WAIT… SO EXCITED!!!”.

Not only that The Sims Social Networks hinted upcoming ”spooky” things for The Sims 4, but SimGuruSarah decided to hint new things for the game as well! She updated her Twitter profile picture with an interesting tweet saying ”It’s an exciting week for The Sims 4…”


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