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Inside Mobile Apps Q&A With SimCity BuildIt Dev

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Inside Mobile Apps: How much variety will there be in the different kinds of buildings that will be constructed? That is, will we see the same three or four home or commercial building templates repeated over and over again, or will our towns have a larger selection than that?

Jason Willig: There are literally hundreds of building types and variants of each. We will constantly be adding new content to ensure cities look unique.

IMA: Can you explain the game’s new crafting system for us? How will players create objects, and what will they be used for?

JW: Crafting is deep, but also very intuitive: players unlock Factories where they produce “materials” like steel beams, logs, plastic, seeds, etc. Then Commercial buildings are unlocked like the Farmers Market, Hardware Store, Building Supplies Store, Gardening Supplies Store, Donut Shop, etc. Players use the basic materials they “manufacture” in their Factories in certain combinations to create crafted items in their Commercial Buildings. Those crafted items are then used to upgrade Residential Zones, sold to friends or via the Trade Depot or used for Boat Missions to earn Golden Keys (which can be used to purchase City Specialization buildings).

IMA: It looks like SimCity BuildIt will offer a quest system. What sorts of quests can players expect to complete, and what will they receive for doing so?

JW: There is a lot of directed play in SimCity BuildIt, and several quest-like elements, but we really want this game to be about what the player wants to do, not necessarily what we want the player to do. We think that element of open-ended–ness and discovery is really important to making this feel like SimCity. Our goal is to present the user with choices (not just tasks to check off), show them why those choices matter (relative to goals) and support / guide them with teaching and quests along the way.

IMA: Will SimCity BuildIt be updated with seasonal events, limited edition content and other future updates?

JW: Yes!

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