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The Sims Forum member briannamichelle000 came up with an interesting idea for everyone to post their Favorite Screenshots! This idea quickly spread like a wildfire and more than 500 Simmers participated in this!

The creator of this thread posted a nice picture of her Sims family having a Dinner!

The very first sim I created in TS4 2nd & 3rd generation sitting down to a family meal.


shaposh2012: My first Sims 4 couple relaxing on a bench at the end of one of their last dates. They have both passed on now.


elanorbreton: Lots of lovely pics. I haven’t got any amazing ones, but I do like this one of my current sim and her eldest (before he grew into a teen):


DavidMCSessy: This is really not my all time favorite, but from the recently taken pictures, I like the attitude of this one. 🙂


Xoxk9: Timberly and Don Lothario (I ship this couple way too much) went on a date and here’s my favorite from all my pic spam.


Southernbelle1283: Meghan is playing dolls with Sterling. Love that kid.


dixieangel550: My sims got remarried today =)


sholtx: I think it’s adorable


There were some pretty hilarious photos posted as well!

King4510411My sims teen taking a selfie while using the toilet


tomchan0: Showering and washing the dishes. Is this what they meant by multitasking? 😛


softis99: I love the look on the baby’s face…she obviously doesn’t like kisses 😉


CrunchyDreamer: Lucas is upset because, even though his girlfriend saved him from a fiery death, his ego was horribly singed.


Mstybl95: Their faces when they start on fire always crack me up! <—Should never be said aloud in a room full of people who don’t know you’re a simmer. LOL

10-05-14_11-10 AM

So_Money:“For the tenth time, I said scrambled eggs! Scrambled, not fried! Every morning with this!”


The very next morning …

“George, if this is about the eggs again, I am going to kill you.”


Simmers were also creative with their scenery photos!

blaznfalcn: We have some awesome builders in this community. They have completely made downtown Oasis so much more enjoyable!

The lots are: Tiki Bar by simnopsis, Oasis Fitness Zone by xRe33mx, Planet Hollywood by simnopsis & Oasis Museum of Fine Arts by Ash072.


sillyangel0906: I love Oasis Springs <3


Manssom: At the moment I will have to say that this is my one of my favourite pictures. It was taken during a nice walk with my sim at night 🙂 I had a lot of things on my mind and I think I kinda found some sort of peace while doing this. It was a nice moment with my sim and I guess we both needed that walk 🙂 Sounds silly maybe, but that’s the story 😀


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