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The Sims Blog: Your Quick Careers Guide in The Sims 4

Careers are a standard for The Sims and really one of the best ways to earn Simoleons and lead to a better life for your Sims… assuming that’s where your story leads. Careers can be daunting for some, especially in a new The Sims game that tweaks a few things you’re used to. Today we want to give you ten simple tips to hasten your rise from being a nobody to the top of your field!

Some of these are obvious for long-term Simmers, while others you might not know about. Really, it’s a system of layers and finding the right strategy for YOU is part of the fun!

1.  Needy: Fulfill your Sims’ Needs before sending them to work! Make sure they have had a shower, a full meal, and aren’t desperately in need of fun! Happy Sims are happy workers.


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