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The Sims 4 – More options to Edit Worlds coming soon?


With the latest The Sims 4 Patch that released on 01/10/14, 2 interesting icons were added into the game files.

By the looks of those 2 icons, it seems that The Sims Team is working on features to load, delete, and probably create/build new Worlds!

world1 world2

That’s not all though. SimGuruZera posted today on The Sims Forums asking about what feature would we like to see that would help us shape and change our Worlds. This post also confirms that they are currently working on new features for editing worlds!

Tell us the features you most want to change your World. We have ideas, we have things a spinnin’, but we want to hear from you first hand. What can we do to help you make your The Sims 4 Worlds the best ever?

Give your feedback HERE!

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