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The Sims Blog: Learn How to Edit Lots & More in The Sims 4!

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There are so many ways to customize your experience in The Sims 4, including the ability to edit a lot.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for editing in The Sims 4.

We’re going to use Sandtrap Flat in Oasis Springs as our example. Let’s say I want to do something with it other than leave it as a Residential Lot. What if I want to make it a Library?

Go to Oasis Springs, click Sandtrap Flat, and look at the options in the contextual menu. From the top, you can:

1.       Move in a New Family

2.       Free Build. You have no money restrictions, though you’ll need enough money to move in.

3.       Click the … for More and change the Lot Type. This is what we’ll click for our library.


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