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The Sims 4 Tutorial: How to Build a Decent Home!

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Last week we’ve showed you 8 steps on how to make the lives of your Sims much more entertaining.

For this week, we’re going to show you what it takes to build a decent exterior and structure of your Sim’s home in The Sims 4!

Step 1: The Basics

Beginnings are never easy. If you don’t know where to begin with, just start building random walls from different angles and eventually you’ll get the shape and the look of the house you’re looking for. If you’re aiming for a more expensive house, build at least 2 stories so the house will have more objects, both interactive and decorative! Make sure the shape of the second floor is not an exact replica of the first floor. Push and pull to get a small outdoor part for Sims to enjoy in.

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Note: Try not to make the exterior of your house look too square-ish. To avoid that, add different kinds of rectangular rooms and more diagonal walls on the edge of exterior.

Tip: before you start with building, it’s recommended that you have a pen and a piece of paper near you to write down and draw ideas that may flash randomly in your head. Combine those ideas into a residental lot, do some modifications and you might just build your perfect home!

Tip #2: For luxurious homes, make taller wall levels!

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Step 2: Roofing

Roofs are very important for your home! Always add multiple roof shapes and combine them to make it look as a whole. Don’t forget to modify their height and width. Adding bigger roofs will let you build attics!

Adding roofs will surely make your house look cozy, but how to roof a house that has diagonal walls? The best way to do it is not add roof at all! Fence up the edges with low fences and add a floor pattern that’s not too tacky. If you plan to add fireplaces in your home, don’t forget to add a chimney or two from the Roof Decor category.

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Step 3: Entrance and Decks

It’s important that your Home has an attracting entrance. Level up the foundation to make the house look more luxurious, apply the foundation paint,add decks on the main entrance of your home and don’t forget the stairs! If you want to tone down the squareness of your home, we recommend that you add a rounded deck. Adding a deck is not just for the entrance though. You can add them on different floor levels so that Sims can enjoy their view from a higher perspective.

Recommended: Add fences on each deck you’ve built!

Tip: to make a 180° Deck, connect 2 rounded decks by rotating and moving them.

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Step 4: Painting the Walls

This part is difficult as different wall textures and colors should be added to different house styles.

If you’re building a:

Modern Home – add single colored walls with no tacky textures.

Recommended colors: Black, Gray, White, Dark Brown, Blue, Yellow, Red.

Classic Home – add bricks or wood sidings (since we all know that clasically built houses should be cozy).

Recommended colors: Light Green, Dark Red, Gray and some warm colors.

Step 5: Windows and Doors

You need to let some light in your Home! Add wide and tall windows and doors for a Modern home so that other Sims can have a look at all the expensive stuff you possess.

When it comes to Classic and Cozy Homes, add doors and windows that are discrete and that have different shapes.

Tip: you can add windows by room which will automatically add Windows to each room.

Tip #2: you can move windows up and down without any limits by selecting the window and pressing the Alt key on your keyboard.

Tip #3: If you have taller walls, make sure you check out taller Doors and Windows!

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Note: if you decide to add one or two types of similar Windows, do not add Windows that look completely different. It just won’t look good on your Home!

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Step 6: Adding a Pool

Both low, medium and high wealth Homes should own a Pool! The Pool size should depend on how much you decide to invest in your Sim’s Home.

For Luxurious Homes, add Pools not on the terrain, but on the first, second or third level of your Home instead! Make sure that that part of your Lot is outside so that Sims can enjoy the Sun.

Tip: Even though Sims in The Sims 4 are much more smarter and can get out of the Pool without ladders, it’ll still look more nicer if you add them.

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Step 7: Outdoor Fencing & Fountains

Fences are a good way to level up the overall image of your Home. Add them on all 4 edges of your Lot and don’t forget the main entrance!

Tip: make sure that the fence is not too high, especially if you have a nice garden to show off!

Tip #2: the fence you choose to protect your Lot should be different from the one you used for the entrance and decks.

TS4 2014-11-14 19-10-44-08

As of Fountains, add them nearby the Fence (or in this case, Hedge) and don’t forget the Fountain Decor and Jets/Sprinklers. Jets are a perfect way to show that you have a Fountain that cannot be seen over the Fence..

Tip: add diagonal Fountains and connect them to create all kinds of shapes!

Tip #2: apply Fountain Trims after you’ve finished building your Fountain(s).

TS4 2014-11-14 19-13-00-16 TS4 2014-11-14 19-17-00-53

Step 8: Gardening

Live up your Residental Lot by adding Trees, Bushes, Flowers and terrain paints.

When you’re adding Trees, make sure the Tree is not covering all the important details and beauties of your Home.

Flower bushes and regular bushes should be added by the Foundation , but you can also build a seperate corner that’s dedicated to gardening.

Apply terrain paint such as dirt under the Tree and Bushes for a more natural look and add Flower terrain paint around the entrance. You can also scatter the Flower terrain paint around your lot, but in small amounts.

TS4 2014-11-14 19-20-56-00 TS4 2014-11-14 19-23-01-32

There you have it. We built a decent looking Home in The Sims 4 using exclusively these 8 steps. You don’t have to follow them all in order to finish your perfect Home, but it’s recommended that the structure you create is good.

Tune in next week when we show you how to decently decorate the interior of your Home!

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