The Sims 3

The Sims 3: New Game Update (1.69 – CAW Compatibility)


UPDATE: The latest Sims 3 Update got a small update (lol), addressing the pop up issue. The current version of The Sims 3 is 1.69.43


The Sims Team has released a new game update for The Sims 3 that allows you once again to play with The Sims 3’s Create A World Tool. SimGuruDrake provided more info about this update down below:

Hello everyone!

Today we had a small update to the Origin Client for The Sims 3 that will enable the users who took part in our last Origin client update to now use the updated CAW tool.

I want to reiterate that this version of the CAW tool is ONLY for those who have downloaded the Origin update (that means that in order to use this version of the CAW tool you need to have the previous Origin Client updated PLUS the client update we released today otherwise this tool will not work for you.)

After you download the client update please visit this link to download the updated CAW tool:

If you did NOT take part in the previous update and did not download the update today please use this version of the CAW tool:

We will be updating the tools page on with this new CAW tool soon and will update this page once it has been.


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