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Parisian Town House

We all have a bit of wanderlust and we want to travel the world but the problem is that not all of us can do it. But worry not, because you can live (or at least your Sims) all around the world thanks to DutchSims4Master!
DutchSims4Master has a series on his Youtube Channel where he creates, ones in a while, houses that are inspired from a different country each time. Here’re few examples to make you go wow.

New York Town Houses:

..For when you want to live the dream in the city of lights. Added bonus: You won’t have neither crazy amounts of traffic nor an upsetting amount of constant noise and pollution!  The combination between modern and industrial on the interior will surprise you.


Parisian Town Houses:

..For when you want to live in the city of love but you don’t want to deal with crazy number of people and the crazy metro lines. The only disadvantage is that you won’t have the Eiffel Tower or stroll along Sequana river. But the compact yet still elegant interior of the apartment will make you happy again.


Swedish House:

If you’re remotely like me and you love nature but then again you hate the bugs that come with it then you and your Sim probably need to pay a visit to this little cottage next time you’ll go on vacation at Granite Falls. You can even smell the fresh and clean air from your screen! The rusty / hand-crafted felling of the interior makes you momentarily to forget about how blazing hot is outside currently!


Japanese House:

I left for the last my favourite the Japanese one. The cherry blossoms, the wood, the little pond, everything is placed so well to create the perfect zen feeling that you wouldn’t want to leave this house for grocery shopping. Added bonus: you won’t have to rake leaves during Autumn, that would take centuries! The combination of wood and bamboos on the interior of the house, are completing this already perfect house.

Here’s the playlist, where you can check all of his builds and his Origin ID (DutchSimsMaster) where you’d be crazy not to download them!

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