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Origin is getting a new look!



Origin is currently enrolling a new update for people who opted in for Origin Beta that revamps the whole look and feel of Origin. Chances are that you already got the update but if not, EA could still be enrolling the update for beta users.

Here are some of the new features in Version 10.0.1 (please note that some things may chance in the final version of this update)

Version 10.0.1

  • The new Origin experience is now in beta
  • This redesign of Origin includes an updated user interface and content recommendations based on your gaming interests. Here are the highlights:
    • My Home page: This page is tailored to your gaming interests. Here you’ll find recommendations for games, articles & videos, deals and more.
    • Updated UI: Origin looks and feels the same, whether you’re visiting it on web, mobile, or within the client. Access the store, your game library, and more, no matter what device you’re using.
    • Improved functionality: Searching for players, games, and extra content on Origin is now easier. Plus, you can add up to 2,000 friends to your friends list

You’ll immediately notice the new User Interface in the log-in section of Origin. There’s now also an option to show your written password!


After logging in, you’ll be greeted with a new section of Origin, and that’s ‘My Home’. Yup, there are now 3 main sections of Origin: My Home, Store and Game Library.

The Home section features a couple of things, such as suggesting the last game you played, featured ads, games you might like, popular games and freebies that you can claim.


The Store section is also completely revamped with brand new sections that’ll make browsing through video games a much easier experience.


The Game Library doesn’t offer much new features but it still matches with Origin’s sleek new style.


The in-game interface also has completely revamped. By pressing SHIFT + F1 you’ll be greeted with this interface, letting you browse websites in-game, check your download progress, achievements and more!


This Origin BETA update is currently still enrolling and will be available for everyone soon.

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