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The Sims 4: Keep your Save Game Fun with these Tips!

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Back in 2014 after The Sims 4’s launch we released 8 tips to improve your The Sims 4 experience and make it more fun. Today, I’ll be sharing some tips on how to keep your The Sims 4 save game fresh and entertaining!

1. Free Will: ON

Believe it or not, things can get pretty interesting when you’re not always in control of your Sim. By turning on the free will option, you unlock more potential, and drama, among your Sims. Here’s just one example of what happened in my household: After throwing a good party, my sim started flirting with another sim all on his own, and his wife did not like that. Thanks to her free will, she decided to throw a drink at him and started using mean interactions all on her own, after which he got embarrassed. This may be a small example but it just shows that sims themselves can be the makers of their own stories while you watch it unfold.

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2. Aging: ON

I often find myself turning off the aging option so I can allow my Sim to advance in his/her career more before he or she is ready to be retired. This shouldn’t be the case, and here’s why: you need to stop worrying about your Sim’s career and focus on what’s really important, and that’s growing your household. So what if a Sim you really cared about died of old age?! You can always have a fresh start in the same-old household.

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3. Step out of your comfort zone

It’s always OK to try something new. If you ever feel bored of your current household, don’t be afraid to pop into the Manage Worlds menu, check out the newly moved in households and play them for a day or two. You won’t regret it!

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4. Don’t always settle for Pre-Made creations

I assume you’ve all been through a phase where you don’t feel the need to build your own house or create your own Sims, but the thing is, what makes The Sims so special is that everything you create, whether it looks good or bad, is what makes your gameplay experience so special an unique. For example, I didn’t feel very creative to start my own house from scratch, but I also didn’t want to just download a house from the gallery because I knew I’ll get bored in a few minutes. So, I found a silver lining, and downloaded this beautiful American Suburban House from The Gallery and re-decorated it by myself in just 30 minutes. I confess that it’s not a masterpiece, but I always get that extra enjoyment when I play a household in the environment I helped to create.

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5. Make 2 out of 1

If you think your family has grown enough, separate it into 2! The concept I currently find interesting is 2 young adult Sims who have just moved out and away from their parents, who are now living on their own. This unlocks more creativity and storytelling options for you. You can now go to your parents’ home and talk about your career, family plans, and so on.

You can also try growing a certain household, separating it, and then trying to grow those 2 households all in the same time! The more Sims you get to control the better.

6. Challenge it up

The Community is always full of great ideas and concepts for your households. If you feel like you don’t know the goal of your household or what should you do in your game, check out some of the challenges HERE and HERE created by Simmers.

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