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The Sims 4 – 8 ways to step up your Live Mode game!

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With a big number of possibilities in The Sims 4’s Live Mode, finding the right, fun thing to do in your game may be hard.

Here are 8 ways we prepared for you that will definitely raise your Fun need bar!

1. No cheating!

If you think you’re going to have a good time in your game by pasting the motherlode cheat over and over, you definitely won’t! The Sims 4 is about seeing your Sim succeed or fail with your help and guidance. The progress of leading your Sims to a better, more expensive home is what makes the game fun. The more challenges you give to your Sims the more you’ll remember the story of how your Household went from rags to riches – or conversely!

2. Give your Sims an unique personality.

Giving your Sims the perfect traits like Good, Creative, Active, Outgoing and more just doesn’t feel right. After all, nobody’s perfect! Try to mix things up a bit by giving your Sim some flaws too such as Evil, Clumsy, Childish, Hot-Headed and others.

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3. A Full House is a Fun House!

Having only 1 Sim in your Household is too much boring for you and that poor, single Sim. Kick it up a notch by adding more than 4 Sims (8 is a Maximum) into your Households in Create A Sim, or just download some Households from The Gallery and merge them with your existing one.

Controlling multiple Sims isn’t an easy thing – but it can bring you more Simoleons and more company for your Sim. It’s also a known fact that more random things will happen in your filled Home – both good and bad!

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4. Nobody likes a do-gooder

Being a good friend, helping out others, following the laws – you’ve probably followed all of these things in Real Life, then where’s the fun in doing all of those things in The Sims as well?

Creating a few enemies and even pranking them is guaranteed to make you laugh. Some Sims may take it as a friendly gesture, but you have to prove them otherwise by doing a few more interactions from the Mean social section!

5. Challenges

Simmers are very creative when it comes to thinking of new ways to play The Sims 4. If you’re out of ideas, check out our collection of The Sims 4 Challenges made by other playerse!


6. Fulfill Whims

Fulfilling your Sim’s Whims and Wishes is like gifting a Child a toy they’ve always wanted. That warm feeling in your heart that you’re listening to your Sim’s wants is just amazing.

Depending on your Sim’s emotional state, they’ll get different Whims. The things you and the things you buy all affect your Sim and it might just help him or her out on deciding what they want to wish for next.

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7. Know Sims!

Being around other Sims isn’t good enough – you have to know them and their traits as well! The more Sims you know, the more crying shoulders or helping hands your Sim will have. Having Friends that you can rely on is always good to Vent your Anger or Tense Emotional state.

The best way to meet and greet other Sims is to visit other Community Lots.

Community Lot created by Cinderellimouse. You can download it in The Gallery under the ”Lucky Palms Resort’‘ name.

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8. Earn Simoleons – at Home

Giving your Sim a Career is only good when you really need a big amount of money in order to purchase something really expensive, but if your Sim wants to gain Skills, raise their Need bars and socialize, the best way is to earn money at Home.

Probably the best way to earn money at Home is to Paint. As your Painting Skill levels up, you’ll create better quality paintings that you can sell for a big amount of Simoleons or just hang them around your rooms to make them prettier.

There are also some other ways of earning money at Home such as Programming, Hacking, Grafting, Gardening, Woodworking and collecting Gems & Collectibles around the Neighborhoods.

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