The Sims 4 – New and Improved Roofs

As we reported on a few days ago it was rumoured and then seemingly confirmed on Twitter by SimGuruHouts that we’d be getting new roof types in game, today they’ve been well and truly shown off.

As you can see from the image we’re getting pentagonal, heptagonal, octagonal and round roofs added, but there’s more. The selected roof clearly has way more white spheres and arrows around it than we have now, this could mean that the way roofs can be manipulated has been vastly improved.

But that’s not all, as you can see from the image there is a hidden surprise, we’ve had hipped roofs since the launch of The Sims 4 but they were awkward and restricted as they lacked the ability to have their eaves altered, it appears this is no longer the case. The image shows a hipped roof with its eaves pulled right down.

These new features will most likely be released as a free update before the new Cats & Dogs expansion pack is released.

Written by Duwsh

Hello, I'm Mike and I'm a Sims addict. I've been playing The Sims since I was 5 years old, most of my early memories of the game revolve around building the perfect houses and burning it down. Since those good days I've played every iteration and most of the spin-offs and have loved every single moment, hope you enjoy my articles!


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