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CONFIRMED: Sims 4 Cats & Dogs will bring proper Octagonal Roofs

UPDATE #2: SimGuruHouts has hinted that there could be more than just one new roof type coming!

UPDATE: SimGuruHouts has confirmed that Octagonal Roofs will come with The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs!

Builders have been struggling with octagonal roofs since The Sims 4’s release! There have been numerous tutorials that could help bypass this obstacle by placing multiple roofs on different angles. However, these DIY octagonal roofs always looked a bit “sketchy”.

In The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Gamescom Presentation video there’s a small segment that’s showcasing the new world – Brindleton Bay.

Notice anything interesting in the picture above? Like,  a red house with a proper octagonal roof?

That definitely looks like an octagonal roof that hasn’t been improvised!

SimGurus always said that if they wanted to add new build features to The Sims 4, they’d have to wait and release them along with Game Packs and / or Expansion Packs. What better opportunity to release octagonal roofs than with this Expansion Pack?!

Still, nothing has been confirmed by the developers just yet so treat this post as speculation until proven otherwise!

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    • That building is definitely within the playable area. This location seems to be three lots across the street from each other. The three lots are: the contemporary building (left), a small fenced park (top), and the red building (bottom). The location to the right of the park is probably this neighbourhood’s public play area (either that or we’re seeing a lot with terrain editing).

      And even if it was a backdrop house, every backdrop house is built with features in the game. Most look way different because they are using objects from Olympus. But if you pay attention, you could build almost every backdrop house (minus a few floors because many have more than four floors), none contain non-existent build features like differently shaped roofs or split levels.

  • I wish they could do a free form roof like a tool where you do the outline and then the roof is created also would love to see the raise and lower terrain tool come back

  • omg omg omg omg omg.. I will be so happy. SO HAPPY. to finally be able to properly roof a gazebo or a bay window.

    I’m almost as excited as I would be if spiral staircases happened. It’s thisclose.

    • Actually, that turret/whatever is a pretty small space… I’m trying not to get hype b/c it’s a perfect spot for a spiral staircase. :DDD