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The Sims Mobile: Starting a Family

The Sims Mobile is all about building a strong legacy over many generations and leaving behind precious family heirlooms to make life easier for the next generation. Naturally, this means your Sims will be raising children. There’s a lot to know about having babies in The Sims Mobile. Your Sims will need to prepare for their little bundle of joy.

Babies are unlocked at level 11. After reaching level 11, you’ll receive two quests: Baby Crazy and Oh, Baby!

You’ll need a bassinet before you can have a baby, so finish the Baby Crazy quest by purchasing one from the Buy catalog and placing it in your Sims’ home. The baby bassinet costs a pricey $600, so if your Sims are still getting on their feet, they might need to work a few long shifts to afford it. No one said babies are cheap, after all. There is an optional hanging mobile you can purchase for the baby as well, which will open up extra interactions with the baby, but the mobile is not necessary. Only the bassinet is needed to have the baby.

Once your Sims have purchased a baby bassinet, they will be able to become parents. Tap the bassinet to get a series of options: Adopt a Boy With…, Adopt a Girl With…, and Have a Baby With…

Adopting allows you to choose the gender of your Sim’s child, but if you have a baby the natural way with your Sim’s partner, the baby’s gender will be a surprise, just like in real life.

Select the option that’s right for you. Having a baby naturally will result in your Sims going to the bedroom for some “fun” (oooh la la) for 30 real-time minutes, which can be sped up with SimCash if you’d like. When they’ve finished up, you will welcome a new bundle of joy into the home! You’ll be able to name the baby.

Children don’t become part of the playable household, though they will live in the home with your playable Sims. You can’t control your Sims’ children directly, but your Sims can interact with them. Interacting with your Sims’ children is very important for their development.

Completing family events with your child will give them the Good Upbringing trait. This trait will help them in many aspects of their adult life. This trait can be strengthened by continuing to complete family events with your child and interacting with them frequently. Make sure your little ones get lots of attention from their parents while they’re young because it will make life much easier for them when they grow up.

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    • I haven’t found that out, yet, but my Sims have three children together so far. One child, one toddler, and one baby. This makes five Sims total including their parents, so it’s definitely possible to have more than the 4 Sim household limit. I imagine if you had more than 4 children, you’d have to pick which of those children would become playable when they became adults since there wouldn’t be enough household slots for all of them.

    • My SIM had 7 kids. I think it depends on how much your household can accommodate, which is prob about 8 excluding playable sims.

  • I can’t seem to be able to do any events with the baby… is that supposed to happen? like, is there a certain time period before it happen? all my options are feed and play with the baby and i’ve had the baby for three days now.

    • Having a baby for three days with no available events to do with them is definitely strange. Babies should age up after one day and you should get at least one family event to do with them (sometimes two if you play often). Try contacting support (the Help section in the game settings) to see if they can find a solution.

      • Mine is doing same thing did any one find out how to fix the problem of the family events with the baby’s or toddler? Mine will gro w special events and toddlers have been toddles fora awhile

    • Neya here in the comments section had a good suggestion for someone else with a similar problem. They said the birthday icon wouldn’t show above the bassinet so they had to tap and hold the bassinet or double tap to make the baby age up.

      It’s possible your baby is ready to age up but you’re not seeing the birthday cake icon.

    • Sims will stay in the house after retirement for a time but they are not playable. After a period of time, the game will force you to move out retired Sims. You can ask other Sims to move in only if you have an available household slot. The Sims Mobile has a limit of two playable Sims per household unless you purchase two more slots with SimCash. If your Sims husband belongs to another player, that player may refuse the move in request since they will lose their Sim if they accept.

    • Do you have a double bed and is it in a private room? Sims won’t Woohoo in a room with other Sims in it.

    • Yes but you will need to spend time developing a relationship with that Sim, first. Sims must have a strong relationship to have babies with each other.

  • I have two playable sims already, and I was about to ask another sim to move in and get married. However, it says I cannot, my household is full. Why is this? I only have two sims living in my home. (The sim I am planning to marry is one with a blue marker, another player’s sim. Does this affect it?)

    • The playable household limit is 2 Sims. If you want to play with more Sims at a time, you need to buy more slots with SimCash which will allow up to 4 Sims.

  • Does anyone know how to have a girl baby without adopting?
    I have 3 boys now (2 toddlers and 1 baby) but would really like a girl.., please help!

    • It’s completely random. The only way to guarantee a girl is to adopt one. I used to think that the baby would be the opposite gender of whichever Sim initiated the Try for Baby as that seemed to be the case for a few generations in my game but my most recent generation proved that theory wrong. You can try having the male Sim initiate the Try for Baby action to get a girl but I don’t think that theory holds much merit now that I’ve seen this method fail.

  • What is point in having kids if they don’t become part of the household? Seriously? That makes no sense.

    • Kids eventually grow into adults, at which point, they then become playable. Adult Sims who were raised from babies have the Good Upbringing trait which helps them in all events so they have an advantage over Sims created in CAS. The Sims Mobile is a generational game. It’s designed to play one family through many generations so having children is actually the most important part of the game.

    • Just tap the bassinet and choose to have another baby once your first baby ages into a toddler and leaves the bassinet.

  • I see the screenshot here shows that you need two sim tickets to make a baby. My bassinet says it needs two super sim tickets. I have been trying for days to get enough tickets to make a baby but the only way is with parties and I only get normal tickets not super sim. Is it normal to need super sim tickets?

    • You can buy a changing table to furnish your baby’s nursery in Buy Mode, but It’s purely decorative. Your Sims can’t use it. The only thing you need to have a baby is a bassinet.