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The Sims Mobile: Starting a Family

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The Sims Mobile is all about building a strong legacy over many generations and leaving behind precious family heirlooms to make life easier for the next generation. Naturally, this means your Sims will be raising children. There’s a lot to know about having babies in The Sims Mobile. Your Sims will need to prepare for their little bundle of joy.

The Sims Mobile: Starting a Family

Babies are unlocked at level 11. After reaching level 11, you’ll receive two quests: Baby Crazy and Oh, Baby!

You’ll need a bassinet before you can have a baby, so finish the Baby Crazy quest by purchasing one from the Buy catalog and placing it in your Sims’ home. The baby bassinet costs a pricey $600, so if your Sims are still getting on their feet, they might need to work a few long shifts to afford it. No one said babies are cheap, after all. There is an optional hanging mobile you can purchase for the baby as well, which will open up extra interactions with the baby, but the mobile is not necessary. Only the bassinet is needed to have the baby.

Once your Sims have purchased a baby bassinet, they will be able to become parents. Tap the bassinet to get a series of options: Adopt a Boy With…, Adopt a Girl With…, and Have a Baby With…

Adopting allows you to choose the gender of your Sim’s child, but if you have a baby the natural way with your Sim’s partner, the baby’s gender will be a surprise, just like in real life.

The Sims Mobile: Starting a Family

Select the option that’s right for you. Having a baby naturally will result in your Sims going to the bedroom for some “fun” (oooh la la) for 30 real-time minutes, which can be sped up with SimCash if you’d like. When they’ve finished up, you will welcome a new bundle of joy into the home! You’ll be able to name the baby.

Children don’t become part of the playable household, though they will live in the home with your playable Sims. You can’t control your Sims’ children directly, but your Sims can interact with them. Interacting with your Sims’ children is very important for their development.

Completing family events with your child will give them the Good Upbringing trait. This trait will help them in many aspects of their adult life. This trait can be strengthened by continuing to complete family events with your child and interacting with them frequently. Make sure your little ones get lots of attention from their parents while they’re young because it will make life much easier for them when they grow up.

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