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The Sims 4: Hotfix Update coming this week

The latest update for The Sims 4 that prepared us for the release of The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack brought a few issues to the game that plenty are aware of including broken skill cheats, lag in build mode and more.

SimGuruGrant confirmed that the update promising to fix this issue should come out this week.

Experiencing a particular issue that hasn’t been mentioned? Make sure you let SimGuruNick know!

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  • Am I the only one who can’t reset their sims anymore by shift-clicking on them and then choosing “reset object (debug)”?

  • Will this fix the issue with identifying “wild” plants in the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration? First 4 or 5 plants are already identified so there is no longer any way to complete the aspiration.

    • Obviously there’s no guarantee that every bug will be fixed, but hopefully. Make sure your bug is actually known otherwise they can’t do anything.

  • I would really like a patch so that adding events to the calendar would work properly. When I try to add an event, for a future day, it starts the event immediately after.

  • there is a problem which i have to pause the game for every command to be activated! for example: click on the ground and choose move here, nothing happens. pause the game the icon shows up at your sim’s queue, resume the game, still nothing happens. pause the game and then the sim teleports to that location. you can’t interact with most of the objects as it teleports the sims and reset them but for the few random objects it’s the same issue. hope it gets fixed soon. thanks for all the hard work

    • I noticed that, too. Like, my sim was on the toilet, and he was done (the queue thing showed complete) but still just sitting there. If I switched to the calendar and then back, he would carry on as normal. But then the next thing he would do, same all over again.

  • Ever since the patch I have encountered numerous bugs. A few of which I’ve seen on other posts, but the one that I don’t see anywhere which is extremely frustrating is the random Sim freezes/lockups. This is during “Live mode” It can be anywhere from every couple mins to every 10 or so. The clock and everything else in the Sims world continues, but I can NOT move/command etc my sims. I have to sit there and wait out the lock up. Which can be seconds to minutes long (irl time)….Has anyone else have this issue or know if it has been reported?