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The Sims Mobile: Countdown to Halloween Event Has Begun

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Halloween has officially kicked off in The Sims Mobile with the Countdown to Halloween event! Players who’ve updated their games within the last two days will now see a new limited-time quest called Countdown to Halloween.

The Sims Mobile: Countdown to Halloween Event Has Begun

The new quest has 19 parts. Players will have two days to start the quest. Once started, they will have until October 23rd to finish the quest. The Countdown to Halloween quest is a precursor to the main Halloween event which will kick off on October 23rd and run until November 2nd.

Why complete the Countdown to Halloween event? @SimGuruGill revealed in the Maxis Monthly livestream earlier this month that players who finish the Countdown to Halloween event will receive some special items that will make it easier for them to complete the main event. If you want to get a head start on grabbing all the goodies this Spook-tober, make sure to complete the Countdown to Halloween event first!

Tips and Tricks

Looking for advice on how to make the most of this event? Sims Community has you covered!

Stay One Step Ahead of Emily

This quest will ask you to complete LlamaZoom tasks several times and Emily loves to demand that you finish a 7-8 hour long event every single time you see her. This eats up way too much time. To make sure you’re ahead of the game, have at least one Sim always doing long relationship events back-to-back throughout the entire event. That way, they’ll have a big head start when Emily shows up. Wait until you get a LlamaZoom quest step and Emily asks you to finish a long event for her before tapping the check mark, otherwise it won’t count for the quest. If you have 3 or more Sims, you can adopt the same strategy for those pesky standard events too.

Relationships are Key

Always select Emily’s relationship tasks when doing the LlamaZoom quests. They are the easiest to complete because you can get those three short relationship events out of the way almost immediately. Find a Sim your Sim doesn’t already know and introduce yourself, then start a friendship. Play through this super quick event. It will only take a minute and use hardly any energy. When the event is finished and you’re prompted to pick a relationship story, don’t pick one. Select Choose Later, instead. Then keep doing those quick intro events with that Sim until Emily is satisfied. You’ll save hours of time this way.

Set Timers

You’ll be asked to do some new Halloween-themed events that are 7 hours long. To get through these as quickly as possible, set a timer to go off every hour and a half. That’s how long it takes for a Sim to completely replenish their energy. Check in with the game every hour and a half to play through more of the event and make sure to utilize objects in your home that replenish energy.

Stick to Short Work Shifts

For quest steps that involve earning a certain amount of simoleons, have a Sim with a maxed out career do short work shifts back-to-back to earn money faster. Make sure to check back every hour to make the most of this strategy and collect those simoleons quicker.

Save Those Cupcakes

Most of the time, we recommend using your cupcakes but only when you need them. Since this event is a precursor to the main event later this month, it’s actually best to keep your cupcakes for that event and just manage your time wisely to finish this event on time. Stock up on cupcakes for the main event by watching as many videos as possible. Sims with the Generous trait can also sometimes receive cupcakes as part of their daily bonus.

Time Management is Crucial

If you’re going to bed, work, school, or doing something else where you know you won’t be able to check the game for the next 6-8 hours, prioritize long quest steps. Take care of those 7 hour Halloween events and 7-8 hour long relationship events for Emily so they’ll be ready when you get back to your game. Any other time, prioritize back-to-back short tasks to finish quicker.

Use Household Items

Your Sims can replenish their energy using beds, showers, toilets, and bathtubs. Make sure you’re using these objects as often as you can to keep your Sims on task longer. Remember, your Sims can go home in the middle of events to use these items and return to the event without losing their progress! These objects can also be upgraded to give your Sims more energy by purchasing specific decor items for your home. Check out the Buy catalogue and read the object descriptions. Most of these items cost SimCash but if you’re able to purchase these items, it’s well worth the investment.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your scariest costume, grab your trick-or-treat bag and get questing in The Sims Mobile!

Don’t see any changes? Update your game! Visit The Sims Mobile’s page in the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS) and tap Update.

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