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Why The Sims 4 Get Famous deserves to be an Expansion Pack

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Ever since the announcement of The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack I’ve read a lot of comments from people who were worried that the asking price of Get Famous (40USD) is too much and that the pack should’ve been 20USD instead – the price of a Game Pack. Now, truth be told, I would probably be of the same opinion if I just watched the reveal trailer for The Sims 4 Get Famous because let’s be honest – it doesn’t reveal too much complexity within this pack.

However, after scratching the surface at SimsCamp 2018 and digging deeper into what The Sims 4 Get Famous has to offer I fully understand why The Sims Team has decided to make Get Famous into a full-fledged Expansion Pack.

Here are just some of the reasons why The Sims 4 Get Famous has every right to be an Expansion Pack:

1) Fame

The biggest feature about this pack lies withing its name – Fame!

If you’ve ever played The Sims 1 Superstar or The Sims 3 Late Night then you probably know something about The Sims Team’s perception of fame. The Sims 1 tried to incorporate fame through singing / acting careers while The Sims 3’s vision of fame was more through networking, opportunities and acting.

However, The Sims 4 Get Famous really takes becoming famous to a whole new level. Just like in real life – fame is not something that you can obtain by meeting a celebrity or testing out your waters in singing and acting. It’s something you have to work for in order to achieve – which is exactly what this pack is doing. Did your Athlete Sim just become a Professional Athlete in the Athlete Career? They will be rewarded with fame points! What about all those restless nights that your Sim has spent behind the DJ booth in various Nightclubs? They will receive fame points as well!

Sims can also become famous through different skills. Yup, I’m even talking about the Archeology Skill from The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack.

There’s so many aspects where Fame is incorporated not just with the Base Game but all of the packs we’ve received so far. Best of all

Why The Sims 4 Get Famous deserves to be an Expansion Pack

2) Fame Perks & Quirks

One of my favorite things about this pack is that you get to branch out and choose different benefits as you become more famous and go through 5 different fame stages. Each stage brings unique perks that you can purchase using the Fame Points, which can be obtained each time you level up.

The perks are really fun to unlock and will give you plenty of special benefits but beware of the quirks – unlike with Vampire’s mechanism where you can just choose side effects / quirks of your choice here you have to be extra careful. Quirks are obtained by your Sim’s behavior and there’s no other way around them.

Want to use your fame to get all things for free? Go ahead! Love to interact with Paparazzi’s and have your photos taken by them? Beware, they might get too annoying…

Why The Sims 4 Get Famous deserves to be an Expansion Pack

3) Reputation

One of my favorite things that I loved about The Sims 2 Apartment Life is the introduction of reputation. Reputation is all about how other Sims will perceive you, observe you and interact with your Sim.

Sims with positive reputation will always have it easy with other Sims. However, negative reputation might be too much to handle – unless your Sim enjoys being the villain in their story.

4) Del Sol Smalley…I mean Valley

The new world that you get with The Sims 4 Get Famous definitely isn’t the brightest gem when it comes to the lot numbers. Still, it manages to bring a completely new aesthetic in The Sims 4 series that we didn’t get with previous worlds.

It’s probably one of the best looking worlds out there which is why I’ll always ask myself why did we get punished with only 11 lots. If anything, it’s a bustling world full of Sims passing by that will definitely notice you if you’re on a path to becoming famous.

5) Acting

The Acting Career is a complex Active Career that you really have to work for in order to get somewhere. It has very complex gameplay that brings a lot of rewards (and obstacles) along the way. Sims will have to work on their skills, prepare for different tasks “just” so they can pass the audition for the gig. Afterwards come additional preparations that your Sim needs to perform in order to successfully complete the gig.

Following your Sims to the Studio Lot means that you get to meet with a lot of crew members who are each tagged with different titles. You have Co-Stars, Directors, Producers and many more who are all there to help you do your part.

Why The Sims 4 Get Famous deserves to be an Expansion Pack

There are over 30 gigs that your Sims can perform and each gig comes with different stage props, backgrounds and interactions that your Sim has to perform in order to complete their performance.

6) Acting Props

The acting props that you have on the set can all be placed down on your Home Lot or Venue! What’s best about it is that there are tons of unique acting interactions that you can perform anywhere. And, with the right props and objects that you place down you’ll be able to tell countless stories for your Sims!

Why The Sims 4 Get Famous deserves to be an Expansion Pack

Sims also have A HUGE amount of costumes that they can wear that you unlock through the Acting Career. It’s definitely the most complex career we’ve received to date with the most unlockables!

7) New Objects & their Complex Gameplay

The Sims 4 Get Famous has some of the most complex objects we’ve received in The Sims 4. You get the Video Station that allows you to record, edit and upload videos. The Music Station provides all sorts of instruments and music that you can layer together creating unique and different sounds that you can play anywhere. There are Drones, Sleeping Pods, The Vault and so, so much more unique objects that will give you so many things to do on your home lot.

There are many gameplay aspects that I haven’t covered in this article that I will in my The Sims 4 Get Famous News & Articles Category. This doesn’t mean that Get Famous is a pack for everyone – but its asking price is completely reasonable for the content and gameplay that you get in exchange.

Still, this doesn’t say that I might fully like the pack considering that this is all based on 4 hours of gameplay. You should expect my The Sims 4 Get Famous Review a day or two before the release of this pack with full critiques and compliments.

What are your thoughts on the pack so far?

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