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Why The Sims 4 Get Famous deserves to be an Expansion Pack

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Ever since the announcement of The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack I’ve read a lot of comments from people who were worried that the asking price of Get Famous (40USD) is too much and that the pack should’ve been 20USD instead – the price of a Game Pack. Now, truth be told, I would probably be of the same opinion if I just watched the reveal trailer for The Sims 4 Get Famous because let’s be honest – it doesn’t reveal too much complexity within this pack.

However, after scratching the surface at SimsCamp 2018 and digging deeper into what The Sims 4 Get Famous has to offer I fully understand why The Sims Team has decided to make Get Famous into a full-fledged Expansion Pack.

Here are just some of the reasons why The Sims 4 Get Famous has every right to be an Expansion Pack:

1) Fame

The biggest feature about this pack lies withing its name – Fame!

If you’ve ever played The Sims 1 Superstar or The Sims 3 Late Night then you probably know something about The Sims Team’s perception of fame. The Sims 1 tried to incorporate fame through singing / acting careers while The Sims 3’s vision of fame was more through networking, opportunities and acting.

However, The Sims 4 Get Famous really takes becoming famous to a whole new level. Just like in real life – fame is not something that you can obtain by meeting a celebrity or testing out your waters in singing and acting. It’s something you have to work for in order to achieve – which is exactly what this pack is doing. Did your Athlete Sim just become a Professional Athlete in the Athlete Career? They will be rewarded with fame points! What about all those restless nights that your Sim has spent behind the DJ booth in various Nightclubs? They will receive fame points as well!

Sims can also become famous through different skills. Yup, I’m even talking about the Archeology Skill from The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack.

There’s so many aspects where Fame is incorporated not just with the Base Game but all of the packs we’ve received so far. Best of all

2) Fame Perks & Quirks

One of my favorite things about this pack is that you get to branch out and choose different benefits as you become more famous and go through 5 different fame stages. Each stage brings unique perks that you can purchase using the Fame Points, which can be obtained each time you level up.

The perks are really fun to unlock and will give you plenty of special benefits but beware of the quirks – unlike with Vampire’s mechanism where you can just choose side effects / quirks of your choice here you have to be extra careful. Quirks are obtained by your Sim’s behavior and there’s no other way around them.

Want to use your fame to get all things for free? Go ahead! Love to interact with Paparazzi’s and have your photos taken by them? Beware, they might get too annoying…

3) Reputation

One of my favorite things that I loved about The Sims 2 Apartment Life is the introduction of reputation. Reputation is all about how other Sims will perceive you, observe you and interact with your Sim.

Sims with positive reputation will always have it easy with other Sims. However, negative reputation might be too much to handle – unless your Sim enjoys being the villain in their story.

4) Del Sol Smalley…I mean Valley

The new world that you get with The Sims 4 Get Famous definitely isn’t the brightest gem when it comes to the lot numbers. Still, it manages to bring a completely new aesthetic in The Sims 4 series that we didn’t get with previous worlds.

It’s probably one of the best looking worlds out there which is why I’ll always ask myself why did we get punished with only 11 lots. If anything, it’s a bustling world full of Sims passing by that will definitely notice you if you’re on a path to becoming famous.

5) Acting

The Acting Career is a complex Active Career that you really have to work for in order to get somewhere. It has very complex gameplay that brings a lot of rewards (and obstacles) along the way. Sims will have to work on their skills, prepare for different tasks “just” so they can pass the audition for the gig. Afterwards come additional preparations that your Sim needs to perform in order to successfully complete the gig.

Following your Sims to the Studio Lot means that you get to meet with a lot of crew members who are each tagged with different titles. You have Co-Stars, Directors, Producers and many more who are all there to help you do your part.

There are over 30 gigs that your Sims can perform and each gig comes with different stage props, backgrounds and interactions that your Sim has to perform in order to complete their performance.

6) Acting Props

The acting props that you have on the set can all be placed down on your Home Lot or Venue! What’s best about it is that there are tons of unique acting interactions that you can perform anywhere. And, with the right props and objects that you place down you’ll be able to tell countless stories for your Sims!

Sims also have A HUGE amount of costumes that they can wear that you unlock through the Acting Career. It’s definitely the most complex career we’ve received to date with the most unlockables!

7) New Objects & their Complex Gameplay

The Sims 4 Get Famous has some of the most complex objects we’ve received in The Sims 4. You get the Video Station that allows you to record, edit and upload videos. The Music Station provides all sorts of instruments and music that you can layer together creating unique and different sounds that you can play anywhere. There are Drones, Sleeping Pods, The Vault and so, so much more unique objects that will give you so many things to do on your home lot.

There are many gameplay aspects that I haven’t covered in this article that I will in my The Sims 4 Get Famous News & Articles Category. This doesn’t mean that Get Famous is a pack for everyone – but its asking price is completely reasonable for the content and gameplay that you get in exchange.

Still, this doesn’t say that I might fully like the pack considering that this is all based on 4 hours of gameplay. You should expect my The Sims 4 Get Famous Review a day or two before the release of this pack with full critiques and compliments.

What are your thoughts on the pack so far?

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  • I agree with you, also, people were complaining about the 11 lots, vampire only came with 5 and hasnt got something that impacts Sims where you can actually control it (acting career/fame/reputation) unlike get famous.

      • Except that complaining and constructive criticism aren’t the same thing. There’s a difference between “the new world looks amazing but imo 11 lots is a bit too small” and “too small world, only one active career, yet another fail by the greedy thieves at EA” or tweeting personal insults at the devs. Pay attention to the “constructive” in constructive criticism — it gets results, yes, but only if you aren’t a huge a-hole about it.

      • The problem is way too many people in this community don’t know the definition of constructive criticism and still act surprise about certain limitations when it’s been long established about why there are limitations which includes the fact that the sims 4 was originally made to be mobile and not for the pc. How is calling people lazy and other words such as that going to produce anything you want? Some people have even said that the gurus had to take it because it’s their job to and don’t hold anyone else accountable for their behaviors. And the embarrassing thing is some of them attacking the gurus are causing issues in their own game because they don’t know how to use or update mods and think the gurus should be responsible. And worse are the people who throw tantrums over other people who find some enjoyment in the game or what’s released because somehow they think they should guilt or control what other simmers do with their wallets. I’ve seen on numerous occasions those sort of simmers will accuse others of being less intelligent or think only kids or teenagers would like the game (while they themselves are playing it) and they always seem to think their opinions matter more otherwise you’re trying to “silence” them if you disagree meanwhile they tend to come off as aggressive regardless of the tone others use. If you’re playing and buying the game you’re not showing ea that you have a problem with how they’re treating the franchise and attacking other simmers for purchasing and enjoying the game just looks bad.

        • Except at any job, even minimum wage jobs, you are expected to deal with criticism. Heck, I got written up because they perceived I was bad at taking criticism. Even in people in life-saving professions are expected to deal with criticism, despite they, you know, save people’s lives, which would make you think everyone would shut up. There’s no job in existence where you’re safe from criticism.

          • True no job is without criticism but the levels vary depending on the job. A decent employer or consumer who wants to see improvement go with constructive criticism as that builds for a better relationship. It’s what I do as a supervision and I get better results than co workers who do the exact opposite. Of course we’re not talking about employees or customers who don’t do their jobs and meet the requirements. Or the people who think namecalling and disregarding hours of work as lazy is okay and are “clueless” on why their words aren’t well received compared to others who understand constructive criticism.

        • “And worse are the people who throw tantrums over other people who find some enjoyment in the game or what’s released because somehow they think they should guilt or control what other simmers do with their wallets. I’ve seen on numerous occasions those sort of simmers will accuse others of being less intelligent or think only kids or teenagers would like the game (while they themselves are playing it) and they always seem to think their opinions matter more otherwise you’re trying to “silence” them if you disagree meanwhile they tend to come off as aggressive regardless of the tone others use.”

          Oh man, I’ve seen this so many times. It’s truly disappointing to watch because I truly hoped this community would be better than this. It’s people like that that have caused me to feel uncomfortable being called or calling myself a “Simmer” than simply a “Sims fan”.
          I’ve been attacked here and on discords over this and it’s truly upsetting that the community feels if you disagree with them or choose to use your money on things that they don’t think you should. I was called an “absolute idiot” by a fellow fan for still choosing to buy packs that they were angry about happening. I remember the First Pet stream, there were fans that were spamming the chat about how “Maxis needs to be shut down” and “We will riot against you”. The community has a lot of nasty toxicity and it’s very unfortunate because it makes it harder to find friends that love the game and aren’t angry/toxic/hateful.

          Another problem with the community is that they put full blame on Maxis when sometimes, things are completely out of their control. Their parent company, EA, has more control than they even do. For example, elevators in City Living weren’t features due to budget that EA sat (something that was said during one of the streams, but everyone seemed to not catch or care to listen to), but the community was toxic and angry then too. I’m sure First Pet was another EA choice as well. People forget how much control EA has over every single one of their child companies. We were all so angry at EA for their StarWars: Battlefront controversy and they took their rightful blame for that, we should all remember how terrible EA can be to their child companies. I wish more blame was looked at from EA when it comes to questionable things happening to the Sims.

    • I don’t see why people should stop complaining. I’m looking forward to Get Famous myself but if other players are disappointed about it they have the right to express their feelings as well. And they don’t need to be “constructive” either. There is no “minimum requirement” that entitles you to express (negative) feelings. And no-one has the right to shut others up just because one doesn’t like what others wrote. They could easily tell you: “Don’t read it then.”

      Furthermore, how constructive is it to say how happy you are about the EP or how much you are looking forward to it?

  • The world visually looks great, it has so many details to it and I’m excited to explore it and all the new game-play objects/features when the pack comes out, but I must agree with a lot of the others about Del Sol’s size. It would be nice if there were an additional neighborhood (maybe some beach front lots, Venice Beach style but lower end) so there was something in-between the dumpier neighborhood and suddenly owning a mansion. I understand the filming lot is considered a neighborhood and eats up a lot of their resources but it’s still a shame. This world looks so nice but just doesn’t have a lot to work with unless you build some faux apartments in the residential area.

  • I’m sorry, but I still disagree it’s worth $40. $30 perhaps, but not $40. That said, I pre-ordered as soon as I saw the trailer (a day after it was uploaded) because I want more stuff, so in my case, it’s whatever.

    • Are you saying that this website SHOULDN’T be a fan? Of the game it talks about? And posts updates on almost daily? And devotes a lot of time to scouring the Forums, Twitter, etc. to find the latest info about? Are you actually saying that it’s a bad thing that the administrators of this website are a fan? Because I would think that it would totally suck and be completely pointless to do all that work and NOT be a fan. *looks pointedly at SimsVIP*

      • I agree, SimsVIP is such a toxic atmosphere. It’s full of anger and toxicity. It’s so, so bad there. It’s overwhelming to even read one article without seeing people being so angry. I remember receiving a lot of anxiety because of that website before finding this one. Plus, the owner of SimsVIP did a lot of bad things during Sims 3 and the store, but people seem to no longer remember anymore. The website breeds anger and toxicity within the community. Like when Drake left, the comments were just swarmed with “THE WITCH IS FINALLY DEAD.” and it was just so disrespectful. I didn’t always like her choices either, but what people were saying was never how you should treat another human being.

  • When it all boils down, you gone either buy the pack or u not. Simple as that. Thank you Maxis. I appreciate it so much. Can’t wait for my sims to be famous.

  • When you list all the features it feels like an EP instead of a GP.

    There are a lot of features but I get the feeling they are building on systems of previous packs.
    – The reputation meter looks a lot like the character values of Parenthood. (btw won’t the personality tab be huge for teens with fame and character values displayed?)
    – The perks and quirks resemble the vampire perks, be it with a little twist in randomly generated quirks
    – The active career follows a similar structure like the get to work careers (locked lot, check list for work day) but with more customization options for the sets.
    All these things are reworked a bit and not just copied. But they do make it easier to add features if the dev team doesn’t have to start from scratch for these features.

    When it comes to costumes I am excited about the costumes but I wish they added some matching costumes for toddlers and children. You can’t play let’s say a victorian era family because the younger sims can’t match the theme. And what about the children drama club. I heard somewhere it would be included but not one single game changer seems to have included this feature in their report. Does it exists or not?

    The only thing that feels like a really big let down is the world. Not just the number of lots but also the fact that the beach seen on the overview map is not accessible for sims. I like the scenery they added but for me the space I can fill with lots is more important than a huge decor around it.

    What I am happy about is the new career in the free patch and not in the EP. It’s a nice treat, especially for a career which seems to fit in a get famous EP. Not sure if I use it because it feels too much like the social media career in my opinion. Both involve making money by becoming an internet personality. But I appreciate the gesture of the team by giving us the career for free.

    All in all it looks like a nice EP (by sims 4 standards) but I think I’ll wait for a sale like I did for all the other EP’s.

  • I hopes they will add option one day to delete worlds from game we don’t wanna use (or rather unabling them) I’d happily kept just 1 for my gameplay, always wanted make 1 village oh and option with 100% no random sims generating (existing ones could do things random are generating for) then eh noone will complain about useless/too small worlds. I’m happy for new EP even if I feel super disappointed about new world and explanation why it went like that

  • Trust me this pack is perfect for me. all the sims history I always like to make my sim famous and the fact that there’s an actual studio that your sims act at. im so so looking forward to this pack. if I loved the sims 1 superstar I know I’m going to love this one for sure.

  • God.. $40 is not a lot of money. Like I’ve said on a previous comment, you’ve probably spent more on a pizza order in your life at some point. Get over it Mr Krabs.
    We’re getting so much content with this. If $40 is too much for you to spend a couple times a year, I’d be angry if I was you too. In regards to the game being worth it, I’d say it is?
    Anyone else just accept all the packs for the prices they consistently stay at? People act surprised every time. But I don’t get it if you know what to expect and have a whole month to save your measly $40.
    I personally think this pack looks like so much fun. I’m so excited to play new careers and mess with new objects like the sleeping pod and drones. Obviously there were a few negs, like the neighbourhood and the fact you can’t record stuff like in the sims 3, only upload? From what I’ve seen and read. Besides that though, bring on the fat wads of cash and paparazzi $_$