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The Sims 4 is getting over 20 Content Drops this Fiscal Year

3 months ago we reported on the previous Quarter for Fiscal Year 2019 where Andrew Wilson, EA’s CEO has stated that The Sims Franchise would be getting over 20 content drops in Fiscal Year 2020. In case you don’t know, EA’s Fiscal Year 2020 begins in April 2019 and ends in April 2020.

However, their latest report for their Fourth Quarter of Fiscal Year 2019 includes an interesting statement, saying that, not only will they be delivering active content for BOTH Console, Mobile and PC but that The Sims 4 alone will be getting those 20 content drops over the next 12 months! This could include pack releases, big content updates and pack releases for console.

Here’s everything they’ve stated regarding The Sims Franchise and The Sims 4 in general:

  • As we wrap up FY19, I also want to highlight the continued success of The Sims 4, which has grown every year since we launched. We launched three new content packs and multiple game updates for our Sims 4 community throughout the year, all of which contributed to a 35% year over-year increase in active players and our strongest year of engagement yet for this ongoing live service. The passion of our Sims community is incredible, and we look forward to bringing them many more great experiences in the year ahead.
  • We expect live services to grow 10% to 15%, led by Apex Legends, FIFA Ultimate Team and The Sims 4.
  • We will add over 20 different content drops for The Sims 4.
  • Fans of Battlefield V, The Sims 4, and Anthem will have more great content and new ways to play in the year ahead.

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  • They’ll “accidentally” break one asset, and schedule 19 useless updates to convince us that they’re hard at work on object slots for six years. Doing Absolutely Nothing™

    • So you think the gurus aren’t working hard on TS4 and intentionally cause problems? As for updates I wouldn’t consider them useless when they’re trying to fix bugs as what occurs in pretty much any pc game especially ones with dlcs. Not everyone has the same bugs and sometimes the bugs are less noticeable compared to other players.

    • Fixes don’t count as content. This statement from their financial reporting, which is heavily regulated to protect investors. They can’t “lie” and claim one piece of content + 19 intentional “fixes” as 20 new content drops, or that would be misleading investors and would violate several laws.

      Save your skepticism and cynicism for when it’s actually useful.

    • They are always working hard! They are probably working on bug fixes, future updates, new packs, all of that stuff! Don’t just assume they don’t do any sort of work!

  • Okay, so:
    1 EP (June, presumably)
    1 GP (Winter, probably)
    1 SP (Autumn, probably)
    (at least) 1 Update to the Holiday Pack (PLEASE be an Autumn Holiday!)
    And 1 Update (April’s Update)
    with 15 “Unknown” Drops.

    Even if we had a content drop every month, we’d still have 3 Unknown Drops.

  • Hmm… lemme guess what’s coming this 2019.

    *2 Expansion Packs (June and November)
    *1 Game Pack (September)
    *1 Stuff Pack (August)
    *2 Big Patches (June and November)
    *4 Small Free Updates (Clothings, Hairs, Anniversay T-Shirt, etc.)

  • I wish sims 4 fans wouldn’t complain so much. You are not required to buy the product. And whatever you don’t get, some smart person made a Mod for it. So shut up about what you think the gurus are or aren’t doing please

    • @ Dani Some fans don’t like to be told the obvious reality: don’t buy what you don’t want and certainly don’t complain about what you brought after saying it was so bad before buying it. The ones in particular who think the gurus aren’t trying or are being lazy are the ones who have no idea the work or effort involved as a guru and are often the ones who are just as inconsiderate to modders or cc creators because they think everything is created with a finger snap. I think some fans have to complain regardless even when the gurus gave them what they had wanted in a pack or free update. They sometimes complain about things that are so insignificant. There is no understanding of the difference between creative criticism and whining in that group and pointing it out gets the pearl clutching action going on or an unfounded accusation of “you must work for ea” because how dare someone have a different opinion that isn’t negative or enjoy some aspect of the game. These same players also “forget” the game is played internationally and varying age groups too.

      • I tend to side with the devs myself, since I don’t appreciate any of the rhetoric regarding limitations of the engine, or competence of the engineers who have written the core of the engine well, and with good intentions. The problem is that the consumers can immediately see through the “devs are failing, look at these crude mods which conveniently do what they told us they didn’t have time to develop” routine, and those of us who know the internals can see that those ‘modders’ aren’t working independently.

  • That’s misleading, they said they’ll be doing a 20 content drops over this for ALL sims plataforms, so that includes mobile and console as well. This means those 20 content drops are not only for pc.

  • “Fans of Battlefield V, The Sims 4, and Anthem will have more great content and new ways to play in the year ahead.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA anthem is shite and I haven’t heard anything good about BF so this doesn’t exactly inspire feelings of joy.