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The Sims features an LGBTQ+ couple on a game cover for the first time ever

The Sims is a video game that is known for its diversity and representation of all players, and Maxis continues to prove that with their latest move.

Ever since the announcement about The Sims 4’s rebrand many have been speculating whether the two Sims featured on The Sims 4 Base Game’s new box art are a lesbian couple or not. You can see the couple on the bottom left corner of the box art:

The speculation has come to an end the very moment after The Sims Team uploaded all of the Sims from the box art to The Gallery. Each Sim has its own backstory, including the two Sims on the bottom left corner.

Meet Dela Ostrow (the Sim with the purple hair) and Mia Hayes (the Sim with the blue beanie):

Dela Ostrow: As a kid, Dela lived all over the world, shadowing her mum—a globally sought-after fashion photographer. That experience gave Dela an inherent sense of optimism and a deep entrepreneurial spirit. She recently launched her first fashion line, and her unique pieces and global style is starting to get press. Her girlfriend Mia—a designer in her own right—helps keep her informed of trends outside the fashion industry.

Mia Hayes: With a head for numbers, and a creative eye, Mia splits her time between freelance programmer and artist gigs. Being both a bit of an introvert, and a bit of a rebel, this independence suited her outlook in life. Mia has a unique way of attracting creative, high-energy friends like Noah, and her girlfriend Dela. They love her genuine, almost kid-like enthusiasm. She is the glue that bonds her social circles together.


This is the first time that The Sims Team added an LGBTQ+ couple on one of their game covers. Previously if a game cover or a promotional render were to feature a couple it would strictly be a couple that consists of two Sims of the opposite sex.

The Sims Team never shies away from LGBTQ+ representation in the game. From The Sims 4 CAS Gender Update that happened in June 2016 to adding various LGBTQ+ Pre-Made Sims, the team has definitely done a lot to make sure that this community feels welcome and correctly represented. However, the latest change of The Sims 4’s box art could be one of their biggest moves yet to do so…

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  • If you did not mention it, we would not have seen it, it looks like a good pair of friends! Thanks for the info that said, EA did not force things, I think few people can think that the two friends are in a relationship, it is not obvious. My thinking is following my surprise nothing more, I play with a unisex couple of male gender for 5 years and there is no shyness, we see they love each other very much my little couple on my blog, because I do not care what people think, love is a fundamental right for all (I am married, mother of two sons and grandmother for 9 months!)

  • Technically they did that with Island Living as well. The blonde was a lesbian in union and the other is a transgender.

    • It’s not really political. People deserve to see themselves represented, and this is just a part of that. If you don’t agree with it, that’s on you, but this isn’t pushing a political message, it’s just showing all types of people.

  • Nice to see they put so much effort in making LGBT part of the game. Unfortunately adults (as in older than young adults) and elders are practically censored from the box art. Not to mention toddlers, kids and teens are also still completely absent. Any gender preference is welcome as long as they are hip, good looking (definitely not fat) and young. No older people and no families allowed. So to me this box art does not feel like it tries to include everyone.

    • It was my first sight, the missing generations, just a gang of young people. If we start to put a perfect society ahead, we should think about including many others, the world is multicultural. The lives of others do not concern me, I have mine to lead, but all have a right of representation if EA wants to make a society perfectly multicultural and generational

  • This isn’t shocking news. I’ve had lesbian couples in my sims neighborhoods since the first time I played the original game back in 2000.