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The Sims 4 PC & Console: New Update + Patch Notes (July 8th 2020)

The Sims Team has released a brand new update for The Sims 4 on PC, Mac and Console!

To download the latest version of The Sims 4, simply open your Origin program and if the game doesn’t update automatically, right-click on The Sims 4 and select ”Update.” For console players, your game should update automatically however if it doesn’t simply go into the game options and you will be able to update from there.

For PC and Mac users – In case you have Mods or Custom Content, the game will automatically disable them for you after first launching The Sims 4 after the update. To re-enable all your Mods and Custom Content, select the Settings option in the menu and select Settings. Under the” Other” section you’ll find the ”Enable Custom Content and Mods” option. Check it and restart your game in order for it to take effect!

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Update 07/08/2020
PC: / Mac:
Console: Version 1.28

Hello Simmers!

We have a small but important update for you to address a couple of critical issues. As well as a “Coming Soon” feature announcement that you can find in The Gallery! We hope you will join in on the fun as we get closer to the 17th! Check out the Gallery for more details!

Happy Simming,
SimGuruGnome Ft. SimGuruRusskii

And now onto the fixes:

Sims 4

  • Fixed an issue with cycling swatch options while using the Numpad + and – keys.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Error 122:324a2e8e to occur.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Error 134:b378c837 to occur.
    • Hello Error 134, was it me you were looking for? I don’t wonder where you are (now) and I don’t wonder what you do (now), I hope you don’t get lonely…
  • Fixed an issue in which when two Households were on Vacation (or one of them were), the messages for Vacation Ending were ambiguous or incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue for Consoles in which the Main Menu became unresponsive when disconnected from The Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue in which if Simmers were offline and they clicked on The Gallery tab or their Profile tab resulted in their contents in My Library would disappear.
    • We turned it off and on again.
  • Made some updates to some of the icons for Off-The-Grid related Moodlets.
  • Fixed an issue in which some floor textures were disappearing if Stilts were put over terrain tiles. Kinda groovy but we had to fix that.
  • Create a Sim asset yfBody_EF18SportStriped_SolidBlueTurquoise has been fixed to avoid clipping with all types of shoes. In the same vein, we fixed a clipping issue when top yfTop_EP03JacketTie_SolidBlueDkBlue is paired with bottom yfBottom_EP02SkirtAsym_Blue (for those who own Get Together and City Living).

Get Together

  • Corrected Residential Lot status of “The Summer Home” Lot in Winderburg. Against all previous evidence, it is actually NOT an Incomplete Lot.

Discover University

  • Fixed an issue in which the game froze when moving to dorms in University of Britechester when giving control to another Sim.
  • The University of Britechester and The Foxbury Institute have now associated some of their Degrees with Freelancer Maker and Civil Designer careers! See you next term Simmers!

Eco Lifestyle

  • Fixed an issue in which the Fabrication sound effect continued playing even after Fabricator had completed its task. Had the Fabricator become sentient… self aware?
  • Sims will now actually receive their inheritance after Marrying within the 7 days as instructed. Marry for love or Simoleons? <insert Telenovela Music>
    Next on Pasión de Simoleones.

    • -”Roberto Alejandro del Valle de la Mancha – I love you, I’m glad we are finally together after numerous Sim days and nights… even at Super Speed 3… it felt like an eternity not being able to tell you about my feelings…”
    • -”Catalina Josefina Martínez Ochoa de la Trinidad, I loved you since you got that phone message saying you had an inheritance coming… my love will be with you always… or at least until my Motherlode cheat stops working and those Simoleons run out…” <looks away>
    • -”Oh Roberto Alejandro… <dramatic embrace>

    Don’t miss our next episode…
    Somebody please stop Russkii.

  • Fixed an issue in which while playing in Low Medium Graphic Settings, doors and windows would not display in Pinecrest Apartments. Where did they go? What secrets have they unveiled?
  • Corrected some terminology related to policies in the Bills and Utilities interface.
  • Fixed an issue in which when zooming in Pinecrest Apartments, you could sometimes see a hole in the ground without textures. Nothing ominous, no… right?

Tiny Living

  • The ‘All Included!’ Lamp With Storage is no more, it has become the ‘Not All Included!’ Lamp Without Storage as our text writer was deceived and the Lamp does not allow a deco slot. Shenanigans!


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  • After I updated my game it wouldn’t let me have the base game only the expansion worlds. Is anyone else having that problem?

  • There’s also a few other issues I found, the plants (specifically basil and parsley) bug out after being harvested and turn into this weird blob-like thing. I set the plant state back to “planted”, but then it just goes back to it the next day. It also prevents it from sprouting and making the plant.

    I also have this bug where my sim gets rewards from his/her job and it goes to not only their household, but all my sims households in my loads.

  • What about my pets going missing? Or null randomly and constantly. And sometimes they get sick literally hours (in sim time) after they’ve been treated at the vets.

  • This has nothing to do with this update but i think it would be a really good Idea to bring the horses into Sims 4!

  • Anyone else notice since this update their Sims (and all NPCs) have begun stealing the most insane items? Dissapearing counters and once a whole restuarants worth of stuff was nicked by all the NPCs! Its insane. I’ve been trying to fix it for a couple of days now with no avail.

    Anyone have any ideas that aren’t do the repair tool, uninstall and reinstall packs etc? I’ve tried those but no luck and this is bugging me. I miss playing already.

    • I’ve had similar issues. I know this may be time consuming, but
      inactivating Echo in the game didn’t work for me…. I would still have some of the actions being displayed by various NPCs.

      What I have done is gone into every world ( ie: I rotate households regardless) and have the Sims repeal the annoying NAPs that are active. You’ll have to check the mailboxes/ boards in different areas of the worlds and play a Sim to repeal in each section. Once those actions have been repealed, the problem seems to be resolved. You’ll have to wait until the end of the voting period to see a change. Don’t have guest at your house or go to establishments until the issues have resolved. Also, you’ll have to repeal during different voting periods for more than one NAP you don’t like.
      Keep in mind this is EVEN with ECHO LIFESTYLE turned OFF.



      2. FREE LOVE (Sims are carefree and your most loyal Sims may now cheat on their spouses!)

      3. Some cooking NAP…drives me crazy…. Sims start baking cake and making potions on the grill…wasting ingredients etc. They’ll start, won’t finish and leave ingredients everywhere!

      Who thought of this nonsense, anyway?

    • Yeah it’s crazy! I have the same problems with my sims, plus they keeps stuck with no following any actions I have them. I had tried everything to fix but still no change. I’m so sad unable to play at all.

  • They still haven’t fixed the NAP bugs like the thieving Sims coming in and taking everything and the mass hordes of white cakes. I really thought this update would help fix the problems :(

    • I just noticed that yesterday when there were half a dozen cutting boards peppered across my house. My Sim’s roommate made two cakes? And then just kept going into the fridge and getting the ingredient just to stop and repeat.

  • Has that one triangle window in Eco lifestyle been fixed yet? I really wanna use it in one of my builds but that visible gap is kinda hard to ignore.

  • Hey, I just realized they replaced the animation for “Getting meat from the vertical meat wall” and they didn’t even mention it in the patch notes? My Sims just grab the meat with their bare hands which seems a kinda unsanitary and barbaric…

  • I play the Sims4 on my PC. When I try to log onto the game it states that there is an update, so I click update and it completely shuts down. I can’t play it at all.

    I know I’m not alone with having issues, but I can’t even log on to play. :(

  • Notice that all updates which harm ur game is never mentioned for example on Instagram. So before I start game I always check this page if there is any update

  • after the july 8th update I can’t even play anymore. The sims keeps stuck without following any actions. And for sime weird reason the sims steal stuff from the venues. I tried Uninstalling the game and reinstaled all the expansions packs again and still have the same issues. It is impossible to play like this. I hope they fix it quick or I want a refund of all the money I invested on the game over the years.

    • oh same ive spent hundreds and can barely play anymore bc of all the bugs. bought pets it doesnt even function bc the pets immediately go null and not actually lost or ran away, just null.

  • My sims now just want to practice the acting skill like that’s what they’re choosing to do and they didn’t have the acting skill before… like they ignore what I tell them to do and go to the mirror to practice

    • remove the mirrors i never use them bc they become narcissistic quirk immediately after using them and it annoys the * out of me that they are constantly uncomfortable and tense from not looking at themselves! i also had to go into settings, get famous, and disable spotlight unless im in a household that uses it.

  • Just updated my game and now Willow Creek and Newcrest are missing. Also CAS isn’t loading any new sims to create. Any idea on a fix? I don’t use CC’s.

  • I don’t know if anyone else has this issue. But a section of my house’s lights will randomly stop appearing like they’re ON. According to the game they are, but the room is dark and even putting new lights in, or deleting all the lights and putting them back in keeps them appearing “OFF”. It’s only on one or two rooms at a time. I had to completely expand a room where the lights worked and redesign/edit/make the room that wasn’t working.

  • I had cc when I installed the new update and now even though all of it has been deleted from my device the sims create a sim page the sim shows up like there is outdated cc on it. I have tried everything, is there going to be an issue for a long time? It’s frustrating.

  • I decided to give one of my Sims a birthday party. He’s got a lot of friends/acquaintances. However, the only Sims that showed on the Guest selection panel were those actually on the lot at the time of arranging the party – which excluded all but one friend AND one member of the household (on the way back from work). I don’t remember this ‘feature’ on previous attempts to arrange a social event ‘at home’ – anyone know what’s happened?
    P.S. My game runs on a PC/Windows 10 – no custom content that I know of – all available packs installed but not played often this year owing to pressures of real life.