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The Sims 4: Modders Show Off Hair Color Slider Possibilities


The Sims 4’s Skin Tones and Makeup Sliders update is proving that there’s even more features that The Sims Team could do to improve the Create A Sim experience. Beside the fact that you can officially change the color of your Sim’s Skin Tone and Makeup using the new sliders provided in the game, modders are now exploring the possibility of unlocking the new sliders for hairstyle colors as well!

@aharris00brit and @grnllamas have shown off what they’ve been working on as soon as the update had been released. They’ve made one of their Custom Hairstyles so that the opacity slider changes the color tones as you move the slider left and right.

You can check out the actual custom tool in action down below:

As of now the Custom Hairstyle Sliders would only work if the Hairstyles have been categorized under the Makeup category since the new sliders are only available to be used there. Still, this is a good sign of all the options that we could get either through the modding community or from The Sims Team themselves in the future. After all we all thought that Skin Tone and Makeup Sliders couldn’t be possible and here we are.

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