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The Sims 4: 21st Birthday Update Overview (February 26, 2021)


A few weeks ago, The Sims Team announced it had hired a handful of talented custom content creators to design some new game content in honour of The Sims’ 21st birthday! Today, that update went live with a total of 21 new items in the game, ranging from CAS to Build/Buy to new cooking recipes! Each item was created by a member of the community, which makes this update special.

Check out all the new content from all your favourite custom content creators below!


1 new feminine top and 1 new pair of pants for adults, designed by AHarris00Britney!

1 new lipstick, designed by grimcookies, and 1 new highlighter in the blush category, designed by peachyfaerie!

1 new unisex crows feet skin detail, designed by Luumia!

2 new eyebrows, designed by peachiefaerie!

1 new adult hat, designed by FeralPoodles!

1 new feminine top and 1 new unisex pair of pants for toddlers, designed by StorylegacySims!


1 dining chair, 1 bar stool, 1 long dining table, 1 short dining table, and 1 table plant, designed by heyHarrie!

1 accent table, 1 wardrobe, and 1 wall mirror, designed by peacemaker_ic!


Palak Paneer, Butter Chicken, and Baked Chocolate Mousse, designed by Munmun!

All three recipes unlock at level 6 of the Cooking Skill.

Today’s update also comes with a handful of bug fixes. For a full run down of all the squashed bugs, check out the patch notes here!

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