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The Sims Team responds to criticism over an insensitive Trait Update in The Sims 4

On March 23rd, 2021 The Sims 4 got a new update that included Bunk Beds and Trait Improvements. The Trait Improvements that were done in The Sims 4 remained somewhat a mystery – all we got from The Sims Team were a list of traits that got updated and that was basically it.

The community members were quick to figure out some of the changes that were made including new buffs and autonomous behavior of Sims in the game. The changes that were made were a pleasant surprise, but unfortunately we didn’t know the full list up until 2 days ago when the team published their official list of updated traits and their improvements.

The list includes a detailed breakdown of each and every trait that got updated – including the controversial changes they’ve made to the Hates the Children Trait.

In the original version of the Blog Post they’ve shared that “Asking a Hates Children Sim to Try for Baby has no chance of success unless the Sim is Dazed“.

This was quickly called out by many community members for promoting unconsensual behavior in the game, and rightfully so.

The blog post was later updated to more details about what changes were made with the trait, removing the controversial part from the notes.

Hates Children

  • Sims with the Hates Children trait are very unreceptive to being asked to ‘Try for Baby’.
  • Hates Children Sims will get Tense, then Angry around child Sims, and also move away when they get to the Angry stage.
  • Hates Children Sims will look annoyed when idling in the Tense or Angry buff stages.
  • Hates Children Sims get a Happy ‘Quiet Environment Child-free Zone’ buff if away from children for a time.

However, it seems that the original paragraph they wrote for this trait is still present in the game. The Sims’ official profile wrote a reply saying:

We appreciate you all holding us accountable to our values – especially when we miss the mark! Consent isn’t something to play with, so we’ve updated our language & will correct the trait in an upcoming patch.

The trait is expected to be fully corrected in the upcoming patch for The Sims 4.

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