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Poll: Who is The Best Sims 4 Base Game Townie?

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We’ve all debated the topic for years but now we will finally get a definitive answer! It’s time to decide who is the best The Sims 4 townie from the base game! Will OG icon Bella Goth reign supreme or will Bob or Eliza Pancakes usurp the crown? Perhaps an unexpected underdog like Johnny Zest will sneak up from behind to shock everyone with a win. The only way to find out is to cast your vote!

Think carefully because you are limited to two votes for two Sims! One vote per world, however you can vote for two Sims from the same world if you like. Voting will be open all week. Stay tuned for more polls until we have a winner from each Sims 4 world. Those winners will face off against each other in the ultimate showdown!

Remember to click the text and not the image when casting your vote!

This poll has ended (since 2 years).

Who is the best The Sims 4 base game townie?

Bella Goth
33.00% 3,543 Votes
Bob Pancakes
11.14% 1,196 Votes
Zoe Patel
6.86% 737 Votes
Johnny Zest
5.16% 554 Votes
Summer Holiday
5.00% 537 Votes
Don Lothario
4.63% 497 Votes
J Huntington III
4.14% 444 Votes
Cassandra Goth
3.97% 426 Votes
Eliza Pancakes
3.82% 410 Votes
Nancy Landgraab
2.96% 318 Votes
Travis Scott
2.68% 288 Votes
Alice Spencer-Kim
1.96% 210 Votes
Mortimer Goth
1.86% 200 Votes
Katrina Caliente
1.65% 177 Votes
Liberty Lee
1.53% 164 Votes
Gavin Richards
1.33% 143 Votes
Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis
1.33% 143 Votes
Nina Caliente
1.21% 130 Votes
Dina Caliente
1.07% 115 Votes
Alexander Goth
1.03% 111 Votes
Eric Lewis
1.03% 111 Votes
Vivian Lewis
0.74% 79 Votes
Geoffrey Landgraab
0.68% 73 Votes
Malcolm Landgraab
0.55% 59 Votes
Mitchell Kalani
0.47% 51 Votes
Dennis Kim
0.20% 21 Votes

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