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Information on the new Lot Challenges coming to The Sims 4!

When The Sims 4 Cottage Living Expansion Pack was announced we had a few hints of the new feature called Lot Challenges coming to the game.

Today we’ve got new information and a special preview from the gameplay trailer for Cottage Living showcasing the new Lot Challenges!

As you can see in the screen below the Lot Traits section in Build Mode has been updated with a new Challenges section on the right side where the trophy is.

Listed below are 3 challenges coming with The Sims 4 Base Game and Country Living, which includes:

  • Off-the-Grid (which seems to have been moved from the Lot Traits section)
  • Simple Living (Cottage Living EP)
  • Wild Foxes (Cottage Living EP)

We all know how Off-the-Grid works, and we’ve gotten a special preview of Simple Living from the first official blog post:

The Simple Living Lot Challenge makes cooking cheaper, but it also means recipes depend entirely on what you’ve got in your inventory. Forage in the nearby woods for mushrooms and berries, borrow some milk and eggs from your animals, and keep your garden full.

We can also assume that the Wild Foxes Lot Challenge might have something to do with Foxes spawning at your Lot at any given time, as shown in the trailer:

SimGuruRomeo also shared an insight on Lot Challenges, saying that you’ll be able to have as many Lot Challenges as you want. He also shared that “If you have more packs you will have more Lot Challenges” – which could mean that some Lot Traits from previous packs have migrated to Lot Challenges.

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