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Modder adds Live Mode Features for Pronouns in The Sims 4

Integrate the new pronouns feature into your gameplay with this mod!

Just yesterday, we expressed in our article about the pronoun update that we wished we had the ability to ask Sims their pronouns and have those pronouns show up in the Sim Info panel. Not even 24 hours later, a modder has granted our wish.

Lumpinou‘s Ask/Tell Pronouns mod adds this simple but important social option to the game following the pronoun update. You will be able to tell other Sims your Sim’s pronouns, ask other Sims about their pronouns, and the game will remember those pronouns going forward.

There are two versions of the mod. One version allows Sims to ask/tell pronouns autonomously. The other version is user-directed, only. Only install one version. After installing the mod, there will be two new options available under the Friendly social menu: Ask About Pronouns and Tell Pronouns.

Asking another Sim about their pronouns gives you a popup informing you of the Sim’s pronouns. If you go to the relationship panel and click on that Sim’s Info Panel, you will see their pronouns listed in the relationship bits at the bottom.

Your Sim can also share their own pronouns with others by using the Tell Pronouns social option. The other Sim will discover your Sim’s pronouns and your Sim’s pronouns will be listed on their Sim Info panel for your Sim, too.

A mod like this is very simple but adds much-needed depth to the new pronouns feature. We’re happy a modder decided to take this on but we still hope EA will follow suit with a feature like this of their own in the future so all platforms can enjoy it.

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