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Creating a Functional Gazebo in The Sims 4


Want to use the Gazebo from The Sims 4 High School Years? We know just the trick!

The Sims 4 High School Years came with a lot of realistic debug items including these gazebos. Sadly, like any other debug object, you can’t really make your Sims use them properly.

Creating a Functional Gazebo in The Sims 4

BUT now they can! With this nifty trick that doesn’t use any mods or CC. Just enable bb.moveobjects on before starting!

Let’s access the debug menu first by opening the cheat bar by typing Ctrl+Shift+C. Enter ‘bb.showhiddenobjects’ and ‘bb.showliveeditobjects’ respectively. Hit Ctrl+Shift+C again to close the cheat bar.

A2v2 4

Search ‘**DEBUG**’ in the build menu and look for these items from High School Years. They’re actually separate objects but they look like 2 different swatches!

Place it first to where you’d wanna position it in your build. Then, draw an octagonal room around its outline.

Creating a Functional Gazebo in The Sims 4

Note: Don’t place the edge of the gazebo on a half-tile! It should be right on a full tile so you could properly build an octagon around it.

Place the gazebo somewhere near outside the room and elevate the room’s foundation to match the gazebo’s height by sliding the foundation arrow upward. When it’s level with the gazebo’s floor, delete all of the room’s walls.

Creating a Functional Gazebo in The Sims 4

The next step is to make a basement at least one tile bigger than the octagon room. Hold Alt while aligning the gazebo to the octagon room and click Page Down to place it exactly underneath the octagon.

Creating a Functional Gazebo in The Sims 4

Note: If your device doesn’t have a Page Down button, just click the down floor button in-game but it might take a few tries to align it just right.

Then, elevate the gazebo with Ctrl+9 until the bottom of the stairs is above the basement wall. If you go back up, the gazebo should be aligned with the floor of the octagon room.

Delete the basement by using the room sliders to get rid of its indoor lighting.

Creating a Functional Gazebo in The Sims 4

Then decorate as you please!

Here’s how the 2 different gazebo styles look like:

Creating a Functional Gazebo in The Sims 4

You could also watch this quick tutorial to see how it’s made:

Which gazebo style did you like more? We’d love to know!

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I'm Maia and I'm a Filipino student who makes builds and build tips in The Sims 4! I create a variety of design and architectural styles from my interests like Studio Ghibli and builds from my country.

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