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Build your Dream Bedroom in The Sims 4 with Pull-Out Beds


Plus – it’s functional on all sides!

Here’s a nifty trick you should try on your next build: pull-out beds! It doesn’t require any mods or CC to make plus you could do it in less than a minute.

As usual, make sure the bb.moveobjects is on.

The first step is to choose the right beds for the looks. The main bed should have some space underneath it as if it can fit another mattress below. The pull-out must have a short headboard or no headboard at all.

Here’s some bed options you could use for the pull-out:

If these options don’t look right in your build, you can just hide the headboard behind the wall or cover it with wall decor.

After choosing the beds, place the main one first and use Alt to place the pull-out bed right next to the main bed.

Next is to build at least a 2×1 room anywhere near the pull-out. It can be by the foot of the bed or by the headboard as long as the room doesn’t touch the main bed.

Click on the room and lower its platform 1 time. Doing so will bring down your pull-out bed to the ground. Then delete the walls of the 2×1 room afterward.

Note: If both beds sink to the ground, just grab and adjust the main bed back later.

To fill the hole on the floor, select the platform tool and draw out a platform tile one by one. It’s important to do this so that your pull-out bed doesn’t jump back up. Then just add back the flooring.

That’s basically it! To use it properly, select the inner sides of the beds first so your Sims can scooch over before you let a different Sim use the outer side of the beds.

Note: There should be at least a half-tile space beside both beds to make this functional, so you can’t place either bed against the wall.

This works even better on single beds since no scooching is required!

Most bed functions should work on either bed! They can sleep, nap, relax, sit, put children to bed, and even have a pillow-fight. Except for woohoo of course…

If you don’t want the pull-out bed to be there all the time, go back to Build mode and just place it in your household inventory by clicking Backspace. Do the previous steps again if you want to add it back.

This trick is perfect for slumber-party rooms or guest rooms that can accommodate up to 4 Sims. Or you could add it in dorm rooms and rentals when using single beds.

Watch this short video to see how it’s actually done!

Now that you read this, how will you use pull-out beds in your game?

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