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WATCH REPLAY: Behind The Sims Livestream


Expect news and announcements from the first Behind The Sims. Join us live!

ARTICLE UPDATE: The livestream has ended! You can catch the replay on YouTube, just now released!

EA and Maxis are holding their first Behind The Sims Livestream for 2023. Showcasing upcoming content for The Sims and giving players a behind the scenes look at upcoming content for The Sims!

Behind The Sims Crystal

As The Sims evolves every day, so does how we bring you the latest from our team! Today, we’re saying “Sul Sul” to Behind The Sims, a new community series following The Sims Summit.

On Jan 31 @ 9 AM PST, tune in as we share exciting news & updates, take you behind the scenes with our developers & more – across The Sims universe, including our friends, The Sims Mobile & The Sims Free Play.

Live Reporting

Join the Live Reporting of Behind The Sims along with our team members! Krista and ThatSimsLady will be keeping you company as new announcements and news surface from the livestream. Join us!

WATCH LIVE: Behind The Sims Summit

Join the Live Discussion of Behind The Sims with the Sims Community Team!

Where to watch Behind The Sims

The first Behind The Sims Livestream is scheduled for January 31st at 9AM Pacific Time.

What to expect from the first episode

The first episode of BTS will feature many different Sims games. Although not confirmed, we could be seeing a new preview of the development of Project Rene / The Sims 5. Along with the lineup of new content for The Sims 4, The Sims Mobile and FreePlay.

There’s also a new update for The Sims 4 scheduled today for PC and Consoles.

You’ll have an opportunity to watch a replay of the Behind The Sims Livestream on Sims Community, along with a written recap. We have a dedicated section over on our Home Page covering all the latest news and announcements from the first episode of BTS. Stick around!

What do you think will be shown during the first episode of Behind The Sims? Join the discussion down below!

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