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New Update for The Sims 4 is coming very soon!


EA has scheduled a new Update for The Sims 4 on January 31st. Are Infants included?


Before I begin with this post, please note to take anything mentioned here with a grain of salt and to keep your expectations set. Nothing is officially confirmed as of yet. This post contains information based on a confirmed Sims 4 Patch scheduled after the official Behind The Sims livestream.

Remember – It’s All Relative! 😉

We are just a few hours away until the first episode of Behind The Sims, with a new livestream format from The Sims Team that helps showcase new announcements, behind the scenes looks and more.

The livestream has been set for January 31st at 9AM Pacific Time. EA has confirmed that several Sims Franchise titles will be making an appearance, including The Sims HD (PC and Console) and Mobile Titles. So, what will The Sims Team include in their first Behind The Sims? We can speculate that with an inside developer look there will be new information for Project Rene / The Sims 5. If you’re a dedicated Sims 4 Player who’s looking for new announcements, a new Family-themed Expansion Pack is on the horizon for this quarter. Additionally with one of the biggest free updates for The Sims 4 – Infants!

Behind The Sims Promo Image
Get ready for an entire day of live coverage from Behind The Sims!

New The Sims 4 Update is coming January 31st!

The first update for The Sims 4 was thought to bring the Big Infants Update that was teased in the beginning of the year with the official Roadmap. However, it turned out to be a Bug Fixes Update.

But a new discovery by a popular modder @TurboDriver has started a new rounds of speculation about the potential release of The Sims 4 Infants Patch. It was discovered within the EA App / Origin platform that Maxis has a new The Sims 4 Update scheduled. Just an hour after the scheduled Behind The Sims!

Will the new Update feature Infants?

After the previous speculation was debunked we can’t say anything for cetain. Still, it’s undeniable that a new Sims 4 Patch is waiting for players after Behind The Sims showcase.

Infants in The Sims 4- Preview
Infants in The Sims 4 are an entirely new Life Stage!

The last time The Sims Team released a life stage with a free Sims 4 Update was in January 2017, with no prior announcements, teasers or blog posts explaining the drop. The Infants Life Stage could have a similar premiere with the new livestream format explaining the feature in-depth before it goes live to the public.

When is the upcoming Sims 4 Update?

Everything mentioned above is pure speculation. Overall, what we can do now is patiently wait for Behind The Sims, and prepare our games for the new Sims 4 Update dropping January 31st.

Countdown to The Sims 4 Going Free: Release Info

Countdown to The Sims 4’s New Update

Want to stay in the loop? Stay tuned to Sims Community to be the first to know about News & Announcements from Behind The Sims!

So, do you think the upcoming Sims 4 Update will be the one everyone’s been patiently waiting? Join the discussion below!

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