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The Sims 4: Everything new in Build Mode

sims 4 build mode

The Sims 4 got updated with a new catalogue of Build Mode objects!

The latest Patch for The Sims 4 has just dropped. Featuring the long awaited addition of the Infants Life Stage!

The update carries a lot of new stuff in Sims 4 Build Mode. Including a new selection of Objects, Styled Rooms and Baby Proof Fences! Those who are looking for new upgrades, there’s a huge improvement with Stairs.

Let’s look at everything new!

New Objects

There’s a wide selection of new objects available, mostly revolving around Infants gameplay, clutter and toys. The total number of new items is 26 – and that’s excluding the new fence and gate!

Take a look at the objects and descriptions:

Baby Fences and Gates? We got them too!

Another new addition to the Sims 4 Build Mode is the (Safety) Zone Baby Fence that lets you create a playground for your little ones. Both Infants and Toddlers can be kept within the Baby Safety Zone.

The only difference is that Toddlers can learn how to get past the fence!

new In the Safety Zone Baby Fence - Sims 4 Build Mode
New Baby Fence!

When it comes to the Baby Gate, there’s a new “In the (Safety) Zone Baby Gate”. Check out the preview below:

in the safety zone baby gate

Just like regular gates, these can be placed down within a tile of your liking. There are 9 different variants that you can explore!

new baby gate
new baby gate

New Bassinet for Newborns!

The Infants Update has prepared something for the smallest of Sims – Newborns. The new Wicker-Work Bassinet is yours to grab for 150 Simoleons!

New Bassinet

Styled Rooms Galore

The new Styled Rooms included with the latest Sims 4 update span across all life stages! Check out the new Styled Rooms and their variants. Most span across the Newborn, Infants and Toddler life stages:

Stair Rails – Visual Upgrade

Stair Rails have had a weird visual glitch for a few years now. The rails that lead to the upper story would usually overlap with an existing fence placed up. That or they’d get displayed on both sides when placed next to the wall.

The latest update addresses some of those issues in Sims 4 Build Mode. Take a look at the visual comparison from @LuddySimmer as a good example!

The developers noted that there could still be a few visual glitches, but that they’ll always be working on improvements.

What are your thoughts on the new objects and additions in Build Mode? Let us know and stay tuned for more news on the patch!

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